Choosing The Right Moisturizer for Your Skin

Choosing The Right Moisturizer for Your Skin

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Choosing a suitable moisturizing cream is one of the easiest and cheapest skin care methods. Daily moisturizer will keep your face young and fresh, and moisturizer will save your skin.

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Moisturizing cream plays an essential role in maintaining the health of your skin. Keeping the skin’s moisture and moisturizing it is one of its main tasks. 

Daily use of moisturizer is vital for healthy skin, but some still consider its use cosmetic. At the same time, any skincare method will only be complete if you pay attention to the moisturizing routine.

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What type of moisturizer matters?

Determining your skin type is the first step to choosing the best facial moisturizer. The American Academy of Dermatology has identified five different skin types:

  1. Normal skin: In this case, the skin is neither oily nor dry. This type of skin is soft and free from spots and pimples.
  2. Oily: Your skin looks shiny and may likewise feel slippery.
  3. Dry: In this case, the skin is hard and looks scaly.
  4. Combination: If one part of your skin is oily and the other is dry or normal, your skin type is a combination.
  5. Sensitive: This skin type is sensitive to cosmetics, hygiene products, and weather changes. If sensitive skin is in contact with irritating substances, it will be damaged and develop skin rashes.

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For example, dry skin needs a thick face and body cream to replenish the skin’s lost moisture. 

At the same time, sensitive skin needs products that do not cause redness and irritation. Also, oily skin needs a light lotion that does not clog pores and increase oiliness.

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Determining skin type is easy. If you want to assess your skin naturally, wash your face first. Remove makeup, grease, and dirt. Do not use cosmetic products for two hours, even moisturizing and regular lotions.

After two hours, carefully look at your face in the mirror. Identify the oily or dry parts with the tip of your finger. You should know your skin type based on what you see and feel.

How you feel after using the product is essential in choosing a moisturizer; using testers can make your job easier. However, remember that dry skin should use oily and heavier products.

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What are the three types of moisturizers?

Types of skin moisturizers in terms of ingredients

The ingredients used in moisturizers are:

  • Emollients: are oils and fatty acids that improve the infrastructure and appearance of the skin and make the skin softer by solving skin problems. Emollients include ceramides, cocoa butter, shea butter, collagen, dimethicone, mineral oils, and jojoba oil. 

Emollients such as collagen have an anti-aging effect, while other emollients such as ceramides help improve problems such as eczema.

  • Moisture absorbers: compounds such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and urea that help moisturize the skin. These compounds play a role in repairing and regenerating the skin by absorbing moisture from the air and bringing it to the outermost layer of the skin.
  • Blockers: Oily compounds like silicone, beeswax, and vaseline act as a protective barrier on the skin and prohibit moisture from leaving the skin.
Moisturizer component

Types of skin moisturizers based on skin type

Moisturizers available in the market should be used according to each person’s skin type. For this purpose, moisturizer manufacturing companies formulate and market their products considering the skin type:

  • Suitable moisturizer for oily skin

The best moisturizer for oily skin care is a water-based and oil-free product. Gel moisturizers contain moisture absorbents with skin rejuvenating properties and often have the advantage of being anti-wrinkle

The moisturizing cream for oily skin is oil-free, completely light, and especially suitable for people with acne-prone skin.

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  • Moisturizer for dry skin

One of the best-selling types of skin moisturizers is produced for dry skin. It is better to have this type of moisturizer as a cream. The cream with the right concentration takes longer to dry. 

Both oil and water should be used in the moisturizer for dry skin. It should also contain moisture absorbents to absorb moisture into the skin and keep it moist for longer.

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  • Moisturizer for combination and normal skin

If your skin is normal but dry in some parts, it is better to use moisturizer as a cream so that it is more concentrated to last. 

The composition of this moisturizer must include different oils. If your skin is normal but looks oily in some places, in this case, it is better to use a moisturizing gel that is based on water.

  • Moisturizer for sensitive skin

Sensitive skins are often dry and immediately irritated and show allergic reactions. People with this type of skin should use a fragrance-free moisturizer that does not contain parabens or other skin irritants that cause redness, burning, and itching.

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Do some skin types not need a moisturizer?

  Some people think oily skin does not need a moisturizer, but this idea is wrong. Like other skin types, oily skin needs a moisturizer, especially after using cosmetics and skin care products that sweep oils and dry the skin.

If your skin is oily, there is no reason why it should not be dehydrated. People with oily skin should use skincare with water-based moisturizers. Anti-acne (non-comedogenic) moisturizers are the best choice for acne-prone skin.

  Hydrating oily skin is necessary to regulate its fat content; Because if your skin feels dry, it secretes more oil and can cause or worsen acne.

People with oily skin can use lighter products such as serums, gels, fluids, and lotions. Serums have a higher price than other products. 

They are more suitable for people who, besides the moisturizing effect, are looking for other effects such as brightening, anti-wrinkle, and anti-acne.

Should I hydrate or moisturize my skin?

Hydrating creams sincerely provide the moisture your skin needs, while moisturizing creams, due to the presence of oil in their formulation, protect your skin’s fat and do not allow your skin’s surface to dry.

Therefore, moisturizing creams should be used in the daily skincare routine before moisturizing creams.

To keep hydrated and protect the skin, moisture on the skin’s surface increases the absorption power of the moisturizing cream and strengthens its performance.

Using moisturizers after hydrating is the golden point of the skincare routine. Moisturizers can trap water and nutrients in skin pores and prevent dehydration and dryness. In addition, they protect your skin from pollution and environmental damage.

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Moisturizers also provide water to the skin. Your body needs enough water to feel and look good. Your skin is the same, no matter what skin type you have.

If you want your skin to look better, one of the easiest and cheapest ways is to use a moisturizing cream regularly.

  If you want to have clear and young skin, remember to drink water daily and use moisturizing and hydrating creams and different types of masks to get better results.

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