Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz

Oily skin care routine in winter 1

We all know that oily skin has fewer sensitivities than dry and sensitive skin. However, there are better reasons for neglecting the skin that is greasy in the cold seasons of the year. If you also have oily skin, you should consider a winter routine because the cold weather is no joke to anyone and causes severe damage to the skin. In this article, we have introduced the winter routine to care for oily skin.

What is oily skin, and what are its characteristics?

There are many tiny pores on our skin. Below each of these pores is sebaceous glands or sebaceous glands. These glands secrete fat and prevent the skin from drying out.

The existence of these fats is essential to maintain the moisture and health of the skin. When these glands produce more than the required amount of fat, the skin becomes too oily, and in such a situation, it can be said that a person has oily skin.

Various factors such as genetics, environmental conditions, excessive washing, not using moisturizer, drug disorders, improper nutrition, and some cosmetics play a prominent role in skin oiliness.

Characteristics of oily skin include:

  • The skin is unnaturally shiny
  • Cosmetics do not sleep well on the face
  • The skin is prone to pimples and acne, such as blackheads, whiteheads, or pus.
Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz

Winter routine for oily skin

Stop using soap

If you have very oily skin, you may use a solid and alkaline detergent such as soap to get rid of this oil. Maybe you feel that your skin is clean after washing your face with soap, but I must say that you are very wrong.

  • First of all, soap removes all skin fats, both essential and extra, and in this case, the skin’s protective layer is destroyed.
  • Second, when the skin fat is completely removed, the sebaceous glands are stimulated and forced to produce more fat to compensate for the lost fat.


Therefore, using milder detergents such as washing foam or pen to wash your oily skin is better.

Avoid hot water and long baths.

In the winter routine of oily skin, you should avoid hot water as much as possible, both when washing your face and when taking a bath. Hot water does not contain solid soaps and completely removes the essential oil from the skin.

Therefore, it is better to skip the pleasure of showering with hot water in the winter season and use lukewarm water.

In addition, long baths also reduce skin moisture. Bathing time in winter should be at most fifteen minutes.

Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz

Do not neglect sunscreen:

The need for sunscreen is indeed felt more in summer’s scorching heat, but sunscreen undoubtedly retains its importance in autumn and winter. The intensity and light of the sun may be less in the winter, but the harmful rays of the sun still remain and penetrate the human skin.

Therefore, prepare a sunscreen cream with at least Spf 30 and apply it to your face 20-30 minutes before going out. If you stay outdoors for a long time, reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours.

Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz

Apply lip balm regularly

Lips are also part of the face and need enough attention. Lips have very few sebaceous glands in their tissue, so you need to provide them with the moisture they need through lip balm. Remember to use lip balm even if you do not have dry lips.

In addition to moisturizing ingredients, lip balms contain nutrients to strengthen the lips. Use lip balm at least twice daily to provide moisture to the lips.

Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz

Use eye cream

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive part of the skin on the face and always needs care; the severity of this issue is much greater in winter. Because amount of moisture and fat in the skin under the eyes is less than in other areas and needs to be taken care of.

Eye creams have a unique formulation to nourish and meet the needs of the skin around the eyes. These creams moisturize the eye’s skin, nourish it, and prevent wrinkles, puffiness, and black spots. In the winter routine of oily skin, give a special place to eye cream..

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Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz

Take vitamin E

Vitamin E works great to prevent dryness and lack of water in the skin in winter. Vitamin E is also very effective in reducing damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays in the skin.

You can use your diet or supplements to supply your body with enough vitamin E. Nuts, seafood, green leafy vegetables, juices, etc., are rich sources of vitamin E. If you use a vitamin E supplement, it is better to take it with vitamin C for better absorption

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Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz
Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz
Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz
Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz

Use exfoliators

In winter, timely exfoliation removes dead cells and provides better hydration to the skin. Remember to use exfoliators and scrubs correctly and on time.

A constant companion moisturizer

There is no winter or summer. If you remove your skin moisturizer and moisturizer, your skin will become dry, dull, and damaged. Besides, in winter, most of the skin is dehydrated. So try to use hydrating serum and moisturizing cream as supplements.

Use a gentle skin routine.

If you have oily skin, using non-hydrating products can aggravate the problem by stimulating the sebaceous glands to produce excess oil, so for acne-prone skin, use skin-tested products, including glycerin, ceramide, and hydrating serums. This time of year is significant.

Exfoliate the skin but do not overdo it: the skin barrier is vulnerable in winter. Excessive exfoliation and similar treatments remove the top layer of skin and expose your fresh skin to the cold winter weather and its dangers.

Therefore, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin once a week. This work regenerates the skin and better absorption of skin products by the skin.

Winter has its charm. To enjoy the snow, you must spend some time in the cold! However, have you ever thought about the mess it causes the skin? The skin’s natural moisture is lost and becomes dry and scratched.

To prevent all kinds of skin disorders in winter, you should follow the above tips on skin care in winter so that your skin looks soft and smooth.

Although this skincare routine is easy to implement, it can have significant results.

Furthermore, finally, when it comes to winter skincare, it means replacing your old routine with this season’s skin routine

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