What Is A Good Skin Care Regimen For Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin?

What Is A Good Skin Care Regimen For Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin?

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Acne or acne vulgaris is one of the skin disorders. Most people have spent some time with acne on their face, which has different causes depending on the skin type. Acne-prone skin is sensitive skin that needs special care.

One of the most common factors is puberty hormones, which have happened to almost all of us, and during this period, they may be our guests for a short time. If the conditions for acne formation in our skin are not ready or if we take care of acne-prone skin, this issue will no longer happen. However, otherwise, we may be stuck with it for years.

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In this article, we are trying to describe how to care for sensitive skin against acne. Stay with us to have smooth skin.

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Nine essential steps to care for acne-prone skin

The idea that it takes time for acne to heal by itself is one of the ideas that endanger the health and beauty of our skin. Paying attention to the skin and preventing problems is the best way. If we do not reach our skin in time, we may face many appendages or depressions on its surface.

Before starting skincare, we need to know our skin type. Skins are divided into different categories based on the amount of fat and sensitivity. There are golden solutions for acne-prone skin care, which we will discuss.

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  • Step 1 – Remove risk factors for care

    Acne is caused by the closing of pores or the presence of bacteria and fat on the skin’s surface. In order to have acne-resistant skin, we must avoid the factors that cause it.

Choosing the right product To clear the skin is essential in caring for acne-prone skin. There are better ways to do this than using the products in the stores; it is better to consult a specialist doctor.

The hair in contact with your face and the shampoos you use can also cause acne. So, especially at night, tie your hair and prevent it from touching your skin.

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  • Step 2 – Do not expect results overnight

    Any product that affects your skin quickly will lose its properties just as quickly after you stop using it because it does not have an utterly therapeutic effect. Instead, it only irritates your skin for a while and destroys the skin tissue.

Cell regeneration and removal of bacteria from the skin require time. The time you consider for complete acne removal and its effects should be at least three months. You will feel the positive effects of the treatment in 4 to 6 weeks.

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how does acne form?
  • Step 3 – Get help from skin care products

    See a specialist doctor. Sometimes, you must use drugs or therapeutic creams to care for acne-prone skin. The drug should be changed if it does not positively affect your skin after six weeks of use. For this purpose, the doctor must ensure that the previous treatment drug is removed from the ingredients of the new product and consider other factors of acne.

For example, if the first drug is based on benzoyl peroxide, which affects bacteria, in the second treatment, a drug based on retinoids should be used, which removes skin fats. After that, use salicylic acid that closes the skin pores.

Using too many products simultaneously in acne-prone skin care causes stress and irritation. Every skin has its conditions. Follow the instructions for each product patiently and according to the doctor’s instructions, and do not be disappointed.

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  • Step 4 – Do not wash acne-prone skin too much

    People may think that to care for acne-prone skin; they must wash their skin regularly with different soaps. Since people with this type of skin often have sensitive skin, they make their skin more vulnerable by washing their face too much.

Experts recommend that such people wash their faces only twice a day. Once at the beginning of the day to clean the face from germs and fats that were added to the skin during the night; Once again, it is necessary to wash the skin at the end of the day to wash off the daily dust. In addition, it is necessary to wash your skin if you sweat.

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face washing for acne pron skin
  • Step 5 – Do not use scrubs

    Scrubs are beneficial for cleaning the skin. However, it would help if you needed to remember about acne-prone skin care. Sensitive skin should be less irritated due to their conditions. Any general beneficial skin action can endanger sensitive skin and leave you with unpleasant acne instead of beautifying it.

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  • Sixth step – be careful in using cosmetics

    The use of cosmetics is one of the things that should be considered in caring for acne-prone skin. Read the information written on the products. Use products with statements such as “non-acnegenic,” “non-greasy,” or “does not clog pores.”

In addition to fats, products that contain alcohol or aromatic essence may also cause acne on sensitive skin.

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“If you feel that the cosmetic is causing or worsening acne despite the non-acnegenic information on the cosmetic product, switch it. Continue doing this while caring for acne-prone skin until you find the right product. The lighter the cosmetic products are, the more suitable they are for sensitive skin.

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  • Step Seven – Avoid contact with your skin

    Do not touch the skin of your face. Touching the skin of acne-prone people is like awakening this trait. Because if your hands are contaminated, you risk your skin more.

If you have acne on your skin, do not try to pick it up or remove its contents. Removing it by hand might help you fix it. However, your skin will react more negatively to this issue, increasing acne.

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  • Step 8 – Wash the fibers that come in contact with the skin regularly

    Regarding acne-prone skin care, cleaning the fibers or fabrics in direct contact with the skin is very important. Pillows, scarves, sheets, hats, makeup brushes, and anything you think will come into direct contact with your skin should be germ-free. Bacteria, pollution, and dead cells are harmful to your skin. Changing and washing them should be done once or twice a week to take care of your skin.

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  • Step 9 – Take care of your entire skin.

    If you currently have acne and use a medication or solution, use it on your entire face, not just the acne. This makes your entire skin resistant to acne. People with sensitive skin acne should take care of their skin even when they do not have acne.

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How we eat and our diet affects the body’s general health. But can our diet have an effect on acne?

Seven principles of an anti-acne diet.

  • Remove the sugar.

    One of the most harmful compounds for your skin is hidden in almost every food. Sugar and all foods with a high glycemic index cause blood sugar to rise, and the body starts to secrete the hormone insulin to control the situation.

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 With the release of this hormone, a large amount of other abnormal chemical compounds are released in the body, which creates Inflames. Chronic inflammation caused by excess sugar in the body, in addition to causing acne, reduces skin collagen and elastin, resulting in the deepening of skin wrinkles.

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Therefore, eliminating sugar is the most critical change you should make in your diet.

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  • Eat foods with a low glycemic index.

    Foods with a high glycemic index raise blood sugar faster, and the same process as we said about sugar consumption is repeated.

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So, if you want to follow a diet to reduce acne, use foods with a low glycemic index. With a simple search on the Internet, you can find the glycemic index of various foods.

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  •  Stop consuming inflammatory foods.

    Ingesting inflammatory substances while fighting acne is like drinking an energy drink while sleeping! Chips, fries, and burgers are examples of such foods. The exponential growth of adult acne in America, where the consumption of fried foods and fast food is high, proves this.

Sugar, dairy, and processed foods are other foods that cause inflammation in the body.

  •  Eat healthy fats.

    Oils that should be used in an acne treatment regimen include fish, olive, and avocado.

You must have heard about the body’s omega-three and omega-6 ratios. Omega 3 is an excellent anti-acne with potent anti-inflammatory properties. The ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 in the body of our ancestors was 1 to 1; today, this ratio reaches 1 to 16 in some people.

  • Reduce the consumption of grains.

    Cereals cause allergies in many people, which is one of the factors that cause inflammation; without diagnosing celiac disease, you may have a mild allergy to cereals that manifests itself in the form of acne.

  •  Consume more fiber.
  • Take more antioxidants.

    To get enough antioxidants, make your plate more colorful and use a variety of fruits and vegetables. Types of berries, pomegranates, red grapes, walnuts, and other nuts and types of broad-leaf vegetables are among the foods rich in antioxidants.

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Apart from the mentioned cases, to benefit from our skin’s beauty, we must know that lifestyle significantly impacts skin care. Diet, walking, and exercise affect our body’s and skin’s health, So do not forget them.



Together, we reviewed nine steps of acne-prone skin care. Considering the above tips and following them, you will be able to have smooth and acne-free skin. Skincare, especially facial skin, is important and essential to facial beauty standards.

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