How To Cure Sunburn On The Face At Home

How To Cure Sunburn On The Face At Home?

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In hot seasons, many people suffer from various problems such as dehydration, heat stroke, and sunburn. Sunburn on the face is a complication resulting from long-term exposure to sunlight, tanning beds, or other sources of ultraviolet (UV) rays. 

It is common to suffer from this condition in the summer when the sun’s rays are strongest. If you have ever had a sunburn, you know how painful it is.

Home treatment for sunburn is usually possible in first and second-degree burns. Third-degree sunburn is very rare but requires emergency treatment. Sunburn on the face can cause premature skin aging and skin cancer

You can reduce your risk of sunburn by taking steps to protect your skin. Also, if you suffer from this problem, you can solve the problem with home treatment for sunburn.

In this article from drhealthandbeauty, we have examined the best methods of curing sunburn on the face after suffering from it. We recommend that you read the “How To Prevent Sunburn Without Sunscreen?” article before you get sunburned.

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How does sunburn happen? Be aware of what is happening in your body.

A sunburn is a skin injury caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, usually from the sun, but also from artificial sources such as tanning beds. When your skin is overexposed to UV rays, it can lead to a range of symptoms including redness, swelling, pain, peeling, and blistering.

In sunburn, damage occurs to the layers of skin closest to the surface, mainly the epidermis, which is the outermost layer. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can penetrate the skin and damage the epidermal cells, leading to redness, swelling, and pain.

 Epidermal cells are particularly vulnerable to UV damage because they are constantly dividing and renewing themselves and therefore have a high need for DNA and protein synthesis, which can be disrupted by UV radiation.

The specific type of ultraviolet radiation responsible for sunburn is known as ultraviolet B (UVB). UVB rays have a shorter wavelength than ultraviolet A (UVA) rays and are particularly effective in causing sunburn and skin cancer.

In a mild case of sunburn on the face, it usually leads to redness and slight pain in the skin. Usually, after 2 to 6 hours of exposure to sunlight, the affected area becomes red, and the person feels a burning sensation in that area. 

However, he will experience the peak effects between 12 and 24 hours later.

More severe cases, known as sun poisoning, blister the skin and burn severely.

types of ultraviolet radiation

Why sunburn prevention? The choice is yours. Safety or diving into hidden risks

Prevention of sunburn is necessary to save you from the damage caused by it.
Frequent exposure to the sun and sunburns accelerate the skin’s aging process and make you look older than your age. 

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Usually, skin changes caused by this problem include the following:

  • Weakening of the connective tissue under the skin reduces the skin’s strength and elasticity.
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Dry and rough skin
  • The appearance of signs of tiny red veins on the cheeks, nose, and ears
  • Freckles, mainly on the face and shoulders
  • Dark or discolored skin spots (macules) appear on the face, back of the hands, arms, chest, and upper back.

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How serious is your face sunburn? Is it treated at home?

Suppose you experience symptoms such as large watery blisters, severe swelling of the skin, and signs of infection such as pain and purulent secretions due to sunburn on the face. 

In that case, we suggest you visit a dermatologist before any home treatment. Conditions such as high fever, dizziness, fainting, and dehydration require immediate medical attention.

Sunburn on the face does not happen only when we are directly under the sun. Even when the sky is completely cloudy, the sun’s harmful rays can easily penetrate clouds, water, or snow and damage our facial skin.

More white people will suffer; Because the amount of protective pigments or melanin their skin creates is less than people with darker skin. 

Sometimes these symptoms can be controlled by doing some home remedies. However, if these exposures under the sun continue and these symptoms are not paid attention to, a person may suffer from sunburn on the face and some skin damage. 

For this reason, it is better to go to a dermatologist in such cases to treat yourself faster.

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5 of the most scientific home remedies for sunburn

To start the treatment and relief of sunburn, take action as soon as you notice sunburn on your face. The key to treating sunburn is to lower the skin temperature and prevent further damage. So do the following without delay:

  1. Get out of the sun immediately; Find shade, go indoors, or at least cover your exposed skin with clothing or something that blocks the sun.
  2. Hydrate your skin; A sunburn draws moisture from other body parts to your skin. So drink water as much as you can and continue doing this for a few days after the sunburn.
  3. Take a cold shower; While it may sting a bit, a short shower will cool your skin and reduce inflammation.
  4. If there is no response to the treatment, see a doctor; Most sunburns are first-degree burns that cause redness and pain, and you can usually treat them at home. However, if you have been in the sun for too long, you can get a second-degree burn that causes blisters. See a specialist doctor if you have symptoms such as blisters on more than 20% of your body, fainting or weakness, high fever, headache, dehydration, confusion or nausea, and skin infection.


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  • The best methods of treating sunburn on the face

    • Oil therapy with coconut oil, olive oil, or sesame oil

Multipurpose coconut oil is rich in natural fats such as linoleic and lauric acids, which have moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

This oil helps to keep the skin constantly moist and does not penetrate deep into the skin by using interstitial water. This oil treats swelling, burning, and itching caused by sunburn on the face. Coconut or olive oil can also control the swelling and pain caused by sunburn on the face. 

To use this product, it is necessary to lubricate the sunburned area with this oil daily and allow the oil to penetrate deep into the skin.
Sesame oil is one of the most effective natural products that play a role in treating sunburn and its complications. 

Sesame oil, if used regularly, eliminates all the complications and effects of sunburn on the face. Sesame oil can even be used to remove burns. It is enough to dip a piece of cotton in sesame oil and apply it on the burn.

How To Cure Sunburn On The Face At Home? 05
    • Soak the skin in milk.

Immersing the skin in milk has a beneficial effect on treating sunburn on the face. Of course, you should use cold milk. Milk fat and its appropriate pH are beneficial for sunburn on the face.

If you do not have enough milk to fill a container to float your skin in, you can place a small, clean towel in a bowl of cold milk so that it is completely soaked in the milk, then gently, in spots of Leave your skin sunburned.
With the help of milk, a protein layer is created on your skin. This layer reduces heat, pain, and skin sensitivity.

milk sunburn treatment
    • Aloe vera

For centuries, aloe vera gel has been used to treat various conditions, from stomach upset to kidney and liver infections. 

This gel also helps to treat sunburn. If you have a mild sunburn on your face, divide the aloe vera plant into two parts and remove the gel between them. Then put it in the refrigerator for half an hour and apply this cooled gel on your skin to immediately relieve your burning sensation.
It is interesting to know that aloe vera gel is used in most types of sunburn ointments and sunburn repair creams.

Aloe vera for sunburn
    • Using our antibacterial properties

We have all heard of the healing power of aloe vera gel, but feel free if you do not have aloe vera handy. You will find many elements in your kitchen that are an excellent alternative to aloe vera and significantly remove sunburn on the face.

Thick yogurt is a quick cooling and moisturizing agent for the skin. You can use it topically to treat sunburn on your face.

In addition, yogurt’s antibacterial properties prevent infection in the parts of the skin that you cannot stop itching.

Thick yogurt for sunburn
    • Make your topical cream.

To treat sunburn on one area of your skin (such as your fingers or lips), you can crush an uncoated aspirin tablet (for example, aspirin 100 or 325 mg) into a tablespoon. Then dissolve it in a few drops of cool water and paste.

Finally, apply this paste to the affected area. Of course, be careful not to wet your lips with your tongue because this paste is very bitter.

Leave this paste on the affected area for 5 minutes. Then, wash it off with water.
While waiting for this paste’s ingredients to be absorbed, you can eat one of the same aspirin tablets to reduce pain and inflammation.

topical cream for sunburn


Now you have learned various natural ways to treat sunburn on your face at home, but the best thing is to use the right sunscreen the next time you decide to enjoy nature and the sun. 

Every sunburn increases the number of facial wrinkles, freckles and skin spots in middle age and dramatically increases the chance of skin cancer. So remember to use sunscreen even on cloudy days and cold seasons.

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