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Preventing Pregnancy Tooth Decay

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Pregnancy causes many changes in the body, so many pregnant women feel that all the features they used to know about their body and its reactions have changed. If the necessary care during pregnancy is not followed carefully, it may cause many complications. One of the common complications during pregnancy is related to oral and dental diseases, especially pregnancy tooth decay.

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So that there are misconceptions about this, and many women think they will suffer from tooth decay due to pregnancy.

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However, the reality is this; If you are aware of how to protect your teeth during pregnancy, you will never suffer from tooth decay, and if you get gum disease, you will treat it in the early stages.

If you want complete oral and dental hygiene information during pregnancy, follow this article.

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Does pregnancy cause tooth decay?

As we said in the first part, pregnant women see many body changes. Many of these changes are due to the increase of some hormones; for example, the body’s reaction to dental plaques will be different.

Dental plaques are masses like a thin layer on the teeth; if they remain for several hours, they become the leading cause of pregnancy tooth decay. However, the presence of dental plaques in pregnant women significantly increases the possibility of tooth decay because hormonal changes have overshadowed the strength of teeth.

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One of the other reasons that lead to pregnancy tooth decay is a decrease in hygiene and compliance with hygiene measures. With the development of pregnancy, excessive fatigue and numbness in pregnant women lead to paying less attention to their oral and dental hygiene. Because of this, the probability of tooth decay increases in them.

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After all, Increased pregnant appetite and her desire and interest in some food or sweets cause the number of times to eat various foods. In that regard, the article “Is It OK to Lose Weight While Pregnant If Overweight?” will be beneficial. In this way, if flossing and brushing are delayed, we face a higher level of tooth decay.

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Specific causes of tooth decay in pregnancy

What can cause tooth decay during pregnancy?
  • nausea and vomiting

    Nausea and vomiting is one of the leading causes of pregnancy tooth decay, which leads to a high amount of stomach acid entering the oral cavity; this acid leads to the loss of tooth enamel and causes decay.

  • Gum diseases

    Hormonal changes during pregnancy, significantly the increase in progesterone, sometimes cause gum diseases, especially gingivitis that may even lead to Bad Breath.

 These inflammations are more common in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, and if they start, they usually continue until the end of pregnancy. In this way, these diseases and inflammation of the gums will also end after the delivery and discharge of the pregnant mother.

It should be noted that, in this case, you must see a dentist. Otherwise, without treating the gum problems with progress, Gum infection will increase and finally lead to loose teeth.

For this reason, it is often suggested to visit a dentist before pregnancy, and while checking the health of all your teeth and removing cavities, check the health of your gums as well. Going to the dentist should be included in your schedule. It does not matter if you have a dental problem and feel pain; as soon as you decide to get pregnant, you should go to your dentist to examine all your teeth and repair the pregnancy tooth decay.

Sometimes, there may be a superficial decay, and you do not feel any pain or discomfort from it, but this small problem during pregnancy can turn into unbearable pain and take away your safety.

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Take the dangerous three months of pregnancy seriously

Can I treat tooth decay during pregnancy?

The first three months of pregnancy are dangerous, and reconstructive surgery or tooth extraction can harm the fetus. Anaesthetics, on the one hand, and dental stress, on the other hand, endanger the fetus’s health.

Usually, sitting in the dental unit and being in that situation is anxiety, and this anxiety will be more during pregnancy. In the first three months, stress harms the fetus, so the dentist does nothing to the tooth.

The last three months are also considered dangerous because anxiety in these months can lead to premature birth. In the middle three months of pregnancy, the fetus is more vital in the womb and is less dangerous than in other months, but still, everything should be done with caution.

Of course, it is natural that during pregnancy, the possibility of a severe toothache means pregnancy tooth decay can exist for anyone, and if it occurs, it cannot be tolerated. In such a situation, the best solution is to visit a dentist.

Usually, in these cases, if the pain is severe, simple acetaminophen is prescribed in consultation with the gynaecologist, and a bandage is placed on the tooth to relieve the pain. In this way, the mother can tolerate a decayed tooth until the end of pregnancy and start restorative treatment after giving birth.

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 Of course, in some cases, when the toothache is severe and the tooth’s nerve is damaged, particular and conservative treatments are performed. The nerve is partially removed to relieve the pain if the dentist has to use an anaesthetic, one that contains simple lidocaine and does not contain epinephrine, because epinephrine will cause problems with the contractions it causes.

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Dental care with vegetables

Prevention is always better than cure. Usually, during pregnancy, the gynaecologist gives necessary recommendations to the mother to compensate for the lack of minerals and maintain the strength of the teeth that can prevent pregnancy tooth decay.

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 During this time, most doctors recommend taking calcium and vitamin C according to the condition of the mother, and mothers should not be negligent in taking these drugs because, in addition to the health and growth of the baby, the health of the teeth also depends on this.

Along with taking vitamin and mineral tablets, proper nutrition is vital. Pregnant women should know foods rich in calcium and include them in their diet. Celery, carrots, and cabbage – especially broccoli – are good sources of calcium.

 Red beet also has considerable calcium, and it is usually recommended to eat it. In general, vegetables that have underground stems and their stems are consumed absorb more minerals from the soil and are better sources to compensate for deficiencies during pregnancy.

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Dental care with vegetables in pregnancy

Self-medication – Prohibition or permission

Sometimes, pregnant women may experience toothache when they do not see decay in it. In these cases, women who are pregnant resort to self-treatment, which may have serious risks

Some people think that herbal medicines are harmless. Although these drugs are less complicated than chemical drugs, we cannot be sure they will not cause harm. For example, cloves, which are recommended for toothache relief, can be irritating because of the chemical eugenol, and maybe it was not a suitable choice for pregnancy tooth decay.

 Home anaesthetic sprays usually contain alcohol and can be dangerous for the mother and fetus. Pregnant women should not go for these methods and go to the dentist in case of toothache. Sometimes, hyperemia of the gums during pregnancy causes surface pregnancy tooth decay with severe pain.

However, the dentist knows how to relieve the pain so that the tooth is in a favourable condition. It is recommended that pregnant women do not waste time in case of tooth decay and go to the dentist as soon as possible so that something can be done before the decay deepens.

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  • Important note: Note that inflammation of the gums and its infections during pregnancy is a severe risk and may endanger the fetus’s health. Sometimes gum inflammation and infection cause premature or low birth weight babies and lead to serious problems in this field.


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Keep in mind that you can use the following techniques to prevent pregnancy tooth decay:

  • Try to visit a dentist before getting pregnant.
  • Keep good oral and dental hygiene during pregnancy.
  • Use toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride.
  • If you see any inflammation or issue in the gums, see a doctor immediately.



In the end, it goes without saying that the pregnancy period is not only very important in terms of maintaining the health of the fetus, but also maintaining the health of the pregnant mother is equally important, and Pregnancy Tooth Decay is only one of the precautionary measures. Therefore, special attention should be paid to complying with the things mentioned in this article.

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