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Treatment of tooth infection swelling

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Treatment of gum infection is one of the vital actions that should not be delayed. Gum infection is a condition in which dental plaque accumulates in the gum line, causing irritation and sensitivity of the gum, which sometimes bleeds.

If you do not clean these plaques daily with a toothbrush or dental floss, they become more complex and create an unremovable substance called plaque. If plaque and mass spread below the gum line, chronic diseases such as gingivitis and gingivitis will become wisdom teeth.


With chronic bacterial irritation, the gum tissue gradually separates from the teeth, and cavities are created where the pus accumulates. With the spread of plaque and mass and the gum tissue’s continued irritation, pulling the gums from your teeth continues more and more. This condition is called gingival periodontitis or gingival pyorrhea.

Symptoms of gum infection

Redness, swelling, and bleeding in the gums are some symptoms that indicate a gum infection. If these symptoms persist, you should see a dentist. Prompt treatment can prevent gum disease from progressing.


Here are some signs and symptoms of gum infection:


Inflammation is a severe gum disease in which the gums pull away from the teeth, thus leading to the formation of deep cavities.which leads to gingivitis, which is an acute gum disease

These cavities become infected when bacteria build up on food debris that may accumulate here.

Specific symptoms of gingivitis include:

  • It removes the tooth line and makes the teeth look longer.
  • Creating cavities between teeth and gums
  • Sensitivity of tooth roots
  • The plaque inside and below the tooth line
  • Stomach ulcer (sun ulcer)
  • Formation of a gap (narrow V-shaped gap) between the teeth and gums
  • Losing teeth due to damage to the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone
  • A change in the position or alignment of the teeth affects the bite.


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Treatment of gum infection ( Steps )

  • Treatment

If gum infection is treated early, it prevents the progression of the disease that eventually leads to wisdom tooth or periodontal gingivitis. So, if you experience gum infection symptoms, as mentioned earlier, see a good dentist as soon as possible.

The treatment of gum infection includes plaque removal. That is, scaling and brushing are done on the teeth.

It may also be recommended to use antibiotics for gum infection to prevent the growth of bacteria and even toothpaste for gingivitis.

If the gum infection progresses to gingivitis, procedures such as deep root cleaning, scaling (tartar removal), and root planing may be performed. The use of oral antibiotics and the use of topical antibiotic gels are also prescribed.

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In severe cases, flap surgery (reducing the distance between teeth and gums), soft tissue grafting, or bone grafting may be necessary.

  • Causes 

The most common cause of gingivitis is bad oral and dental hygiene, which causes plaque on the teeth and inflames the tissues around the gums.

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However, other reasons are discussed below:

Smoking or chewing edible tobacco, as well as drinking alcohol, which affects the body’s immune system.

Improper nutrition, including the use of carbohydrates and sugary substances, as well as a lack of vitamin C

    • Lack of saliva and dry mouth — Improper dental restorations cause gum irritation and inflammation.


    • Crooked and overlapped teeth are a good place for plaque to accumulate and are difficult to clean.


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    • Cancer and its treatment, including diseases such as HIV and AIDS, reduce immunity in the body.


    • Taking certain medications such as phenytoin (Dilantin, Phenytec) for seizures, epilepsy, and some calcium channel blockers used for enzymes, high blood pressure, and other conditions.

    • Hormonal changes, such as menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, or the use of birth control pills cause changes in hormones. The increase in hormones makes the blood vessels in the gums more exposed to bacteria and infection.


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    • Genetics (This case is being investigated and researched more, but with the investigations that have been done so far, gum diseases can be passed from parents to children.)


    • Diabetes disease: diabetes disease reduces blood circulation, and this reduces the ability of self-immunity and gum healing.


    • High stress weakens the body’s defense system against the attack of bacteria.


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Complications of gum infection

Tooth abscesses will not go away without treatment. if the abscess or bag containing pus is ruptured, the pain caused by it may decrease to a great extent, but it still needs treatment.

If the tooth abscess is not drained, the infection may spread to the jaws and other parts of the head and neck.

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If your immune system is weak and you do not treat the tooth abscess, the risk of the tooth infection spreading to other parts of your body is much higher than someone with a healthy and robust immune system.

Also, gum infection causes gum degeneration and regression, which requires surgery and gum grafting.

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Ways to prevent gingivitis

Prevention is the best way to avoid this problem. You should take good care of your oral and dental hygiene, i.e., brush your teeth two times a day, floss your teeth, and visit the dentist for a check-up every once in a while. Also, control the causes that cause inflammation.

  • Get enough rest and avoid stress because stress reduces the immune system against disease.

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  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Limit eating sugars and carbohydrates.
  • During orthodontics treatment and such treatments, pay more attention to your oral hygiene because plaque accumulation is greater at this time.


  • The best mouthwash for gingivitis

Using mouthwash to prevent gum infection, oral and dental diseases, and gingivitis is better.

Tea is one of the medicinal plants and is the best mouthwash for gingivitis. Which can be used as a herbal mouthwash for better use.

Doctors have introduced mild pale tea and salt water as natural and non-destructive mouthwashes to maintain oral and dental health, which, in addition to being compatible with the oral and dental environment, do not destroy beneficial bacteria.

In parties and places where it is not possible to brush your teeth, rinsing and gargling with tea, especially after consuming sweets, chocolates, candies, and other traditional sweets that are particularly sticky, as a preventive solution from Damaged teeth and gingivitis are strongly recommended.

To prevent gingivitis in children, they should also be taught to gargle tea or salt water and mouthwash for children.

Does gingivitis cause bad breath?

Bad breath is usually an oral or digestive problem.

One of the causes of bad breath, or the medical term for halitosis, is gum inflammation and infection. 

Due to the significant accumulation of bacteria and, as a result, a large number of volatile compounds (VSC) and the creation of sulfur gas, the mouth smells terrible.

 Volatile sulfur compounds break the soft tissue of the gums and put extra pressure on the health of the mouth and teeth. 

The bacteria and plaques formed on the teeth’ surface break down the mass, and this causes the release of chemicals and bad breath.

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Dr.sanaz health and beauty magazine

What pills and medicines are suitable for treating gum infections?

Antibiotics should be used to treat gum infections and periodontal diseases. For example, chlorhexidine mouthwash is a type of antibiotic and is very effective for treatment.

Other drugs, such as lidocaine and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets, are also effective for inflammation and acute wounds.

You must read the instructions for drug interactions and side effects to use any of the mentioned pills.



Gum infection can be a very unfortunate event, and if it is not found and treated in time, it will lead to very serious problems such as heart disease.
Note that the material presented in this article from drhealthandbeauty is precious and practical information that every person should be aware of. But in no way will it make you unnecessary to visit the dentist and act on time.

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