How To Laminate Teeth And How Long Does It Work?

How To Laminate Teeth And How Long Does It Work?

Failure to observe proper oral and dental hygiene causes many problems that must be treated differently. On the other hand, attention to the beauty of the teeth has also caused some oral and dental beauty procedures to become famous. One of the most common treatment methods for fractures, gaps between teeth, teeth discoloration and similar problems is using ceramic laminates.

 The durability and longevity of dental ceramic laminate depend on following the principles and taking care of the teeth. This approach can last long, but you must be familiar with the necessary care after laminating the teeth.

What is dental laminate?

 Laminating teeth consist of a series of coatings that, in addition to their unique beauty and elegance, also have very high strength. Today, many teeth-related problems can be treated with the help of laminate veneers, such as restoring their shape and color.

The materials used in the preparation of dental laminate are of exceptionally high quality, and their color is very similar to the color of natural teeth. In this way, you can give unique beauty to the teeth with the help of laminate. You may also be interested in the “White And Shiny Teeth Like Hollywood Actors” article.

How To Laminate Teeth And How Long Does It Work?

Laminating teeth is used to solve the following problems:

  • Deformation of teeth due to wear
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Roughness and irregularity of teeth
  • Eliminate interdental space


What are the different types of laminate teeth?

Most people only know ceramic dental laminate, while dentists use other materials to perform this method, such as:

  • Bulk ceramic laminate:

If the appearance and beauty of laminate teeth are a priority for you, bulk ceramic laminate is definitely the best choice for you because this product has an awe-inspiring beauty, but it does not last long.

  • Lithium disilicate laminate:

If you are one of those people who care about the type and quality of the laminate, we recommend lithium disilicate dental laminate. Also, this product is very suitable for those who habitually grind and clench their teeth because it is of high quality.

  • Compact ceramic laminate:

This material is thicker and more resistant than mass ceramic laminate but could be more beautiful.

  • Zirconium dental laminate:

Zirconium laminate has all the positive features, i.e., it is of high quality and attracts everyone’s attention with its unique beauty. Add to all these advantages the high compatibility of zirconium coating with the body environment and the absence of bad breath.

How To Laminate Teeth And How Long Does It Work?

How long do laminated teeth last?

Laminate teeth are one of the most natural ways to treat teeth. However, one of the critical issues that concern the minds of the applicants for the use of laminating teeth is the longevity and durability of laminating teeth.


In this regard, ceramic laminates usually last between 7 and 15 years, and after this period, they must be replaced. Of course, the life span of the laminate directly depends on the material, brand and how to take care of it; for example, the best laminating teeth are zirconium laminate, and the best brands of its manufacturer are laminate veneer and Cerek veneer.

Also, observing the following tips will increase the durability and life of the dental laminate:


  • Observance of hygiene tips such as brushing and flossing regularly and using mouthwash
  • Proper nutrition and compliance with nutritional recommendations after implementing laminate teeth and refraining from consuming foods and drinks that cause stains, such as coffee, soft drinks and tea.
  • Preventing teeth grinding and clenching teeth
  • Avoiding the consumption of sticky and hard foods such as dried fruit
  • Regular visits to the dentist
  • Regular dental checkups
  • The skill and experience of the dentist to perform dental lamination
  • Individual characteristics of patients, for example, poor oral and dental hygiene, lead to the decreased lifespan of dental laminates.
  • Compliance with oral healthcare


In general, laminate teeth are an excellent and durable method for the long-term correction of dental defects. However, you should know that dental lamination is not a permanent method and needs to be replaced after some time. As you know, a large amount of the patient’s tooth enamel is shaved to install laminate veneers, so removing the laminate and exposing the tooth is impossible.


Each type of laminate tooth has a different lifespan. For example, ceramic laminates are more durable than composite laminates and may last between 10 and 20 years.

How To Laminate Teeth And How Long Does It Work?
How To Laminate Teeth And How Long Does It Work?

What is the process of getting laminate teeth?

Implementing dental lamination requires at least three sessions to see a doctor. The first session is for consultation, and the other two are for making and applying the laminate coating. This period does not make a difference for one or more teeth because the dentist can perform lamination for a large number of teeth simultaneously.

Can I eat and drink generally with laminate teeth?

The use of laminate has a process, which means that it is done in several steps. While your dentist makes your leading veneers, they will use temporary veneers for you. At this time, you should take care of your teeth and avoid eating certain foods. You should avoid eating sticky foods such as toffees and candies.


You should also avoid eating hard foods such as apples or pears. Avoid eating crunchy foods such as popcorn, nuts, and potato chips or minimize consumption. You should also break up your food into smaller pieces to minimize initial damage.

Some foods and drinks can stain your teeth; that is why you should know these types of food and avoid eating and drinking them to prevent staining of the laminate of your teeth. Drinking all kinds of soft drinks, unnatural fruit juices, tea and coffee can damage the whiteness of your teeth, and you should minimize them.


To be more careful, brushing your teeth after eating is better to prevent stains from penetrating your teeth. Also, if you consume these foods, it is better to use whitening toothpaste so that your laminates have the same color as your teeth.


Foods containing a lot of sugar or acid can also damage your teeth, so avoid consuming them separately. These types of foods are not only harmful to the teeth but can also damage the laminate. Another factor that can change the color of your laminates is smoking. Many dentists advise their patients to quit smoking altogether to prevent tooth discoloration.

How To Laminate Teeth And How Long Does It Work?

Can I remove them by myself?

It can be replaced if the laminate teeth are separated from the tooth or have lip filling, abrasion, and cracking. This cosmetic treatment method cannot be returned because a tooth that has already been laminated due to the scratches caused by installing the laminate cannot remain without a cover. If the laminate falls off, it must be installed on it again and restorative.

What are the advantages of laminated teeth?

Among the benefits of this method, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Brighter and whiter teeth
  2. Discoloration of large tooth fillings
  3. Lip repair of fillings, cracks and dental fractures
  4. Correcting the size of the teeth
  5. Shaping the teeth
  6. Removing stains on the teeth
  7. Restoration of damaged tooth enamel
  8. Having high durability
  9. The immediate observation of treatment results
  10. It does not require a recovery period.


Laminate teeth is a thin covering that is the same color as the teeth and is designed by Cosmetic dentistry or dentist to improve the smile’s beauty and the person’s overall appearance. When small pieces of laminate are placed on the teeth, they change their color, shape, size,, or length to the person’s desired condition. In addition to aesthetic benefits, laminates also have other benefits, such as increasing the strength and strength of teeth compared to tooth enamel. Covering misalignment and other tooth defects makes the row of teeth appear neat and uniform. And finally, it is recommended to read the article “Why Do I Have Yellow Teeth When I Brush Them Every Day?” as well.

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