Is it ok to lose weight while pregnant if overweight? by dr.sanaz

Is it ok to lose weight while pregnant if overweight

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To Lose weight while pregnant may be the question of every woman involved. Naturally, pregnancy in the last months leads to significant weight gain. 

Even mothers who go through this period with control will gain weight from the growth of the fetus. 

Between 11 and 16, weight gain occurs during this period, which is the average and standard limit.

However, this weight gain can also be complete depending on the mother’s condition, and things such as height, pre-pregnancy weight, hereditary factors, lifestyle, and pregnancy health are directly practical.

Mothers who are overweight before pregnancy and get pregnant with average weight gain of about 7 to 11 pounds. 

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However, mothers who are overweight before pregnancy will gain about 13 to 18 pounds. However, this weight gain applies to singleton pregnancy. For multiple pregnancies, it adds more weight to the mother’s body, so do not forget to lose weight while pregnant.

Healthy weight lose during pregnancy ends with health. After the baby’s birth, the mother does not have much difficulty reducing the increased weight during the pregnancy and returning to her previous weight. 

Of course, it should be remembered that no restrictions and heavy diet should be set for mothers during this period unless there is a doctor’s discretion.
However, it is better to remember some points related to average weight gain for mothers who become pregnant with excess weight or who enter pregnancy with an average weight.

Gaining more than average weight can bring severe risks to the health of the mother and the fetus. 

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Therefore, teaching strategies to prevent excessive weight gain and lose weight while pregnant is necessary.

Often, excessive weight gain may cause problems such as the following:

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Risk factors to gaining more weight.

What happens if you gain more weight than you should during pregnancy?
  • The possibility of gestational diabetes will increase.

  • Natural pregnancy will be associated with many problems and risks for the mother, and the need for cesarean section is more in overweight mothers than in normal-weight mothers.
  • Following a healthy diet to control weight during pregnancy will lead to the birth of a child with an average weight, which will also prevent the occurrence of disorders. 
  • Mothers who conceive at an average weight are less likely to miscarry than mothers who conceive at a high weight.
  • Pre-eclampsia is more likely to occur in mothers who gain more weight during pregnancy.
  • High blood pressure may develop if weight control is not done, which will have severe consequences during pregnancy.

How to lose weight while pregnant fast?

Considering the complications that lack of weight control during pregnancy brings, it is necessary to take effective solutions for this purpose in order to prevent complications. 

In the following, we will discuss practical and safe solutions, but it is better to consult a doctor to consider your physical condition.

  1. Choosing healthy and valuable food

One of the essential points that mothers should keep in mind for healthy pregnancy weight is related to choosing healthy foods and eliminating unhealthy foods. During this period, a balanced amount of fruits and vegetables, protein foods, whole grains, and calcium sources should be consumed. 

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However, it is better to eliminate harmful foods such as fast food, fried foods, sweets, and salty foods that do not provide the nutrients and vitamins the body needs.

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  1. Include exercise in your daily schedule with the doctor’s advice

During pregnancy, there are many ups and downs, which causes the conditions of mothers to be completely different. One of the best options that can be very effective for weight control during pregnancy is an exercise suitable for the mother’s physical condition.

There are a variety of sports movements for this period, which should be chosen and carried out in consultation with the doctor. 

Options such as yoga, swimming, walking, and pilates have appropriate movements for this age that can be taught and practiced so that you can use them to lose weight while pregnant if necessary.

  1. Attention to the table of weight changes

When pregnancy begins, it is necessary to advance the weight change table from the first month of pregnancy, according to the doctor’s supervision. Investigating these changes can prevent unhealthy overweight and control weight during gestation.

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  1. Attention to food calories

To prepare food, mothers should pay attention to the label on them. In this way, the ingredients and calories needed daily will be considered. It is better to consume fewer options, such as sauces containing fat and additives such as glucose, to deliver fewer calories to the body. Choosing options with less fat, cholesterol, sugar, and calories is better.

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  1. Proper cooking method for weight control during pregnancy

One of the most valuable things that affect weight gain is related to the way food is cooked. 

In order to control weight during pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to the fact that fried foods have no nutritional value, and the vitamins and minerals in them will be lost due to the heat in the oil. So it is better to choose a more suitable cooking method, such as boiling, steaming, or grilling.

  1. Attention to the body’s needs

The mother’s body needs more minerals and vitamins during pregnancy. Options such as calcium, protein, and folic acid are better to be received during this period than before. 

Of course, their amount also depends on the needs of the mother’s body, so it is better to use a suitable supplement under the supervision of a doctor. However, natural alternatives such as dairy products, lentils, and low-fat meat should be used in moderation to provide these items instead of harmful foods.

Is It Ok To Lose Weight While Pregnant If Overweight
  1. Useful drinks for weight control during pregnancy

Juices are good sources of vitamins, but it is necessary to use fruit to provide fiber, prevent weight gain, and drink more water to keep the body hydrated. 

However, if you cannot consume fruit, it is better to choose natural juices, and their factory type that contains sugar should not be chosen in any way.

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The effect of nutrition during pregnancy on weight loss after delivery

Nutrition during pregnancy Not only is it important for maintaining the health of the mother and fetus ( reading the article “Preventing pregnancy tooth decay” would be beneficial ) but also directly affects fitness after delivery. 

In order to have a steady weight gain during pregnancy, it is necessary to follow a special diet to your characteristics. By doing this, you have prevented overweight and obesity after childbirth.

In order to have your food plan, it is better to visit a nutritionist to adjust your special diet for pregnancy and healthy pregnancy.

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pregnancy and exercise


In summary, losing weight while pregnant is not only possible but also necessary in some cases to prevent serious problems. But our recommendation is that according to your personal circumstances, while simultaneously using the information conveyed in this article, in each case, you should be in effective communication with a gynecologist.

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