How To Non-Surgical Lip Lift?

Many people may be unhappy with the distance between their upper lip and nose or would like their upper lip to be more voluminous and attractive. These people are the ones who can try lip lift to beautify their face. A non-surgical lip lift may be thought to be a way to beautify young faces. However, this method is also beneficial for removing the effects of aging and rejuvenating the face. Because with age, the pink part of the lips becomes thinner, and the upper lip thinner. As a result, the distance between the nose and the mouth will be greater than before.

Although lip lift is a popular procedure among young and older men and women, there are still many uncertainties about it. The upper lip lift may change the shape of the nose and make it ugly and misshapen. Also, some people have concerns about the complications of lip lift surgery or sensitivity to the materials used in non-surgical lip lift methods.

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What is a lip lift?

A lip lift can rejuvenate people’s faces, remove wrinkles, and sag around the lips. A lip lift can be done using non-surgical lip lift methods or with surgery, and the signs of facial aging can be removed. Of course, this method is not only suitable for removing the signs of aging from the face. Many younger people also use this method to reduce the distance between the lips and the nose or to make the lips more prominent and higher.

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A suitable candidate for a non-surgical lip lift

Generally, anyone who likes to raise their upper lip slightly and reduce the distance between their nose and mouth can be a good candidate for a lip lift. In addition, if the pink part of your lips has thinned due to aging or even if you have a thin upper lip by inheritance, you can benefit from the results of this method. Also, people with wrinkles around their lips due to smoking or increased wrinkles can use non-surgical lip lifts. This method can also be considered suitable for removing the sagging of the sides of the lips.

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The only thing you need to pay attention to using this method is the distance between the upper lip and the nose. Naturally, the upper lip of men is more extended, and this distance is more in them. The average distance between lips and nose is 1.3 to 1.5 cm in men and 1 to 1.2 cm in women. If this distance is more than average, the problem can be solved by using a non-surgical lip lift. People with oral infectious diseases or a history of these diseases should not try lip lifts.

distance between lips and nose

Non-surgical lip lift methods

Lip lifts can be done with or without surgery. In both cases, lip lift is a very low-risk and low-complication method for facial rejuvenation that can make your face more beautiful. Note that not all methods are suitable for all people. Therefore, the doctor knows your health condition and expectations before deciding on the lip lift procedure and examines you thoroughly. After that, according to factors such as age, gender, lip-to-nose distance, skin type, etc., it will suggest you the best method. In this section, we will explain the types of lip lift procedures.

  • non-surgical lip lift with thread

This procedure is entirely painless and is performed using local anesthesia. During the consultation sessions before the lip lift with threads, the doctor will precisely determine the threads’ places of entry and exit. After that, during the treatment session, the threads enter the lip tissue with the help of beautiful needles and create the desired shape in them. The tiny scars caused by the needle entering and leaving the lip will remain for a day or two. However, this does not mean you need to rest after a lip lift with thread. Note that the threads used in this method are absorbable. Therefore, the lip lift results with thread are lost after some time and must be repaired. Depending on what type of thread is used for you, the effects of this method will last between 1 and 2 years.

The results of a non-surgical lip lift with thread are almost identical to those of a lip lift with surgery. Therefore, by using it, you can eliminate the long distance between the nose and the mouth, remove the drooping of the corners of the lips, and make the pink part more visible. The important thing is that you can try lip lifts with thread before surgery, and if you are satisfied with the results of this method, proceed to surgery. If you intend to do this, wait until the lip lift results are entirely fixed.

lip lift with thread
  • Non-surgical lip lifts with Botox.

Lip lift with Botox can be used to increase the size of the upper and lower lips or to remove the drooping of the corner of the mouth. Note that lip lifts with Botox do not increase the volume of your lips. In this method, only the lips go up a little so that their size is proportional to each other. To fix sagging around the mouth with this method, Botox is injected equally to the sides of the mouth and gives it a similar shape. This method does not require a recovery period and does not require special care. You only need to pay attention not to put pressure on the injection areas and not massage them.

The process of lip lift with Botox will take between 20 and 15 minutes and will take a small quantity of your time. In this method, the doctor will examine you before the injection to determine the sites precisely. After that, a Botox injection was performed during the treatment session, and its results can be recognized immediately after the injection. The results of a non-surgical lip lift with Botox last up to 1 year, and after that, it needs to be repaired.

lip lifts with Botox
  • non-surgical lip lift with plexer

Plexer or plasma jet is one of the new facial rejuvenation methods that uses plasma technology to make changes in the face. As you know, plasma is a gas ionized through electric charges and helps strengthen skin tissue by targeting skin cells. This technology is an excellent alternative to plastic surgeries because it will not cause wounds or scars on the skin’s surface like invasive surgeries.

In this method, by burning tiny points on the surface layer of the skin, the deeper layers of the skin are evaporated, the skin is restored, the pores are smaller, and finally, the skin shrinks, making the skin look stretched and younger. This technique is used in a limited way for lip lift. One of the most advanced types of lip lifts is a lip lift with a plexer. In this method, the skin around the upper lip is burned using a plasma jet or placer, and after a week has passed and the skin is restored, you will see that the distance between the upper lip and the nose has decreased.

This procedure is bloodless, and you may feel pain or heat while using the device. A central lip lift should be done in several treatment sessions so the skin can produce collagen and elastin well and sufficiently to achieve the desired result. This process may take 2 to 3 months. However, as mentioned, this method is rarely done and is not recommended.

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  • non-surgical lip lift with gel

Note that you cannot observe the effects of surgical lip lift by using gel. Because in this method, only the lips gain volume and are seen more. Therefore, non-surgical lip lifts with gel are only for those with a thin upper lip or who would like the middle cavity of their upper lip to be found more. This method uses the hyaluronic acid gel, which is entirely compatible with the skin structure and can add volume. Adding volume to the lips may partially cover the distance between the nose and the lips. However, gel injection cannot be mentioned as a method for this.

The effects of non-surgical lip lift with lip gel injections usually last six months to one year. After that, you can visit again for repair. Of course, if you plan to use surgical methods for lip lift, it is better to wait until the results of lip lift with gel are gone. Like other lip lift methods, this method also has very few side effects, and immediately after the lift, the person can do his daily work. The gels used in this method are not sensitizing, and their ingredients are entirely compatible with your skin and lips.

Advantages of non-surgical lip lift

Using a non-surgical lip lift, you can balance the distance between your nose and lips and make your upper lip more voluminous. This issue makes your face more beautiful and younger and creates a favorable balance in your face. This method will make your smile more beautiful. Because people who have gummy smiles usually feel uncomfortable with the appearance of the gums when they smile. A lip lift covers your gums, giving you a more beautiful smile.

The side effects of various non-surgical lip lift methods are very few, and their durability is usually long. Therefore, you do not need to repair your lips permanently, and you will enjoy its stunning effects for a long time.

lip lift with gel

Disadvantages and complications of non-surgical lip lift

Non-surgical methods of lip lifting usually have very few side effects and are low risk. In various surgical methods, the surgeon’s skill and expertise and the clinic’s reputation chosen for the lift will significantly reduce complications. Since the anesthesia is local in lip lift surgery, the patient may feel numbness in his lips and nose for a few days. Also, the wounds created in the cut areas need 5 to 7 days to heal completely. Therefore, it is better not to leave the house during this time so that the wounds do not get infected.

Upper lip swelling is one of the most common side effects after a non-surgical lip lift. In this situation, you can use a cold compress. After lip lift surgery, people who have already injected gel into their lips must experience more swelling. Minor bruises, redness, or inflammation may also be seen, disappearing entirely after a few days.

In some cases, these complications may also be seen in the nose. There is no need to worry; the complications will be resolved entirely after a few days. Non-surgical methods The volunteer usually does not feel pain after a non-surgical lip lift, but you may feel a little pain after surgery. In this case, consult a doctor and use low-dose painkillers.

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Consider these points before performing a non-surgical lip lift

  • At least one month before the lip lift, reduce or completely stop smoking and nicotine.
  • Avoid taking blood-thinning drugs and foods.
  • Be sure to inform your doctor if you use certain medications or have allergies or illnesses.
  • Discuss your expectations thoroughly with the doctor to achieve the desired result.
  • If you have oral infectious diseases or an infection in your head and neck, inform the doctor.


Enhancing the beauty of each part of the face can affect your face and make you look younger and more beautiful. As one of the most essential parts of the face, which plays a significant role in the beauty of the face, the lip is also of great interest. A non-surgical lip lift is one of the works to improve the sagging, highlight and restore the lips, and use different lifts. The lip, like the central lip lift, is tailored to the needs and faces of people.


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