The Teeth Implants Revolution: A Guide to a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

The Teeth Implants Revolution: A Guide to a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

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People may lose their permanent teeth for various reasons, including not observing oral health. Teeth Implants are a method to restore the proper function of teeth and jaw

You may think dental implants are just artificial teeth if any implant is a complete replacement. In addition to helping to make it easier to chew all kinds of food, having an artificial root prevents jawbone loss.

With Teeth Implants and replacing the lost roots(endodontics), the ability to chew all kinds of food is returned to the person. 

It also prevents the degeneration of the jaw bones and their surroundings, and health and beauty return to the individual.

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Dental implants are done in different ways. Choosing its type depends on its coverage, connection, and size. 

Prosthodontists will make dental implants according to what you need.

However, among the existing methods, some of its options are more prominent:

  • implant placement
  • Bridge method
  • Using artificial teeth
  • Resin bridge type
Implant 00545458

Titanium is the best alloy used in making the base of all kinds of implants and bridges. 

This alloy is compatible with the human body and is welded to the jaw bone during tooth implantation.

Types of dental implants by the implant method

There are generally two main methods for Teeth Implants. In dental implantation, the tooth used for the implant is selected according to the dimensions of the jaw and the missing teeth. 

Then, its root, made of pure titanium, is placed in the jaw, and replacement crowns are installed on it.

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1- Endosteal implants:

One of the most common methods is Teeth Implants, which mainly replace bridges or removable dentures. 

Endosteal implants include fixtures (base screw or thread) and abutments (cylindrical or smooth) or blades. Of course, the type of implant is selected according to the doctor’s diagnosis. 

However, endosteal implants are safe, effective, and the most popular choice used today.

  • Endosteal Teeth Implant method

In the endosteal implant, a hole is created in the jaw. This hole is according to the dimensions of the titanium base, which should be embedded in the jaw as an artificial root. 

After installation, you must wait until the soft base and surrounding bones are welded to this titanium base. 

This can take several months. After that, the crown part is mounted on the base, and the treatment is finished.


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Endosteal Teeth Implant method 001
  • The reason for choosing Endosteal:

  1. Stability in the jaw
  2. fixing the surrounding bones
  3. long-lasting
  4. The sense of naturalness of the teeth


2- Subperiosteal implant

Subperiosteal implants are rarely used today. They were once used as the first method of holding artificial teeth. Subperiosteal implants allow doctors to place artificial crowns on the jaw when patients do not have enough jawbone height. 

A metal body is placed inside the gum and jaw to display the prosthesis.

  • Compared to Endosteal, it has a shorter period. Generally, it takes place two times. However, it has lost popularity these days because it does not have enough stability and does not weld in the jaw. 

However, its stability is relatively higher than prostheses without implants.

2- Subperiosteal implant

3 – Tooth Implants by bridge method

In this method, instead of rotating the jaw and placing the bases in the jaw, the side teeth will play the role of the base. 

In this case, the fallen middle tooth takes help from its side teeth. A bridge here is a crown that consists of three artificial teeth. 

The two side teeth act as the bases of this bridge. Its appearance is similar to the original teeth.

In this case, the dentist in Cosmetic Dentistry first prepares a mold of the empty space and sends it to the laboratory so that artificial teeth can be made for you.

The materials used in the construction of bridges can be metal, ceramic, glass, or a combination of these materials. 

In the case of a bridge (fixed bridge), which takes one treatment session, the doctor prepares the side teeth and then attaches the bridge to the teeth.

Among its disadvantages, it can be said that it is only suitable for people who have lost between 1 and 3 teeth in a row; if you do not have more than three teeth, you cannot use a bridge. 

Also, the side teeth that act as a base must be free of decay. Dental bridge adhesive can wear off after a few years.

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Tooth Implants by bridge method 0001

4- Teeth Implants by the mini-implant method

The screw-shaped structure of the mini dental implant is similar to the endosteal method. 

Unlike conventional dental implants, this type of implant consists of a one-piece screw design that is less than 3 mm in diameter and has a ball-like tip. 

This part of the ball protrudes from the gum tissue, and the prosthesis is attached.

Due to the smaller size of the screw, this method is sometimes considered the best dental implant method for stabilizing lower prostheses in patients with limited bone width. 

Depending on the anatomy of the patient and the type of prosthesis, the mini-implant price range will vary.

5 – Teeth Implants method using artificial teeth

One of the methods of tooth implantation is the use of artificial teeth. In this case, there is no need for an implant; the tooth is implanted with a plastic connection of the same color as the gums. In this way, you can quickly move them and clean your mouth.

It is one of the cheapest methods for placing new teeth, and you can achieve it quickly. 

However, the stability of the teeth depends on the jaw’s condition and the mouth’s anatomy. 

Also, some patients have mentioned that the dentures in the lower part slide in place.

Teeth Implants method using artificial teeth 0001

6 – Teeth Implants in the Snap-In prosthesis method

In this method, whose original name is Snap-In Overdenture, two screws are placed close to the mandibular canines to maintain the bone surface and prevent movement of the lower denture. 

These two screws make eating and talking much more accessible.

Therefore, the artificial tooth is still placed on your gums in this dental implant procedure, just like a regular denture. 

If the lower jaw does not have any teeth, depending on the patient’s condition, this option may be considered the best tooth implant method for the person and will ensure the health and beauty of the teeth.

Teeth Implants in the Snap-In prosthesis method 001

7 – Teeth Implants by Zygma method

As its name suggests, in the zygomatic implant, these types of dental implants are surgically placed in the zygomatic arch (cheekbones). 

This can be the best dental implant method for patients with little bone or lack sufficient density in the upper arch to support an endosteal implant.

  This procedure is highly complicated and requires more invasive surgeries to fix the implants. 

For this reason, the Zygma method is unsuitable for replacing one or two single teeth and is usually used in full-mouth reconstruction scenarios. The cost of this treatment is very high compared to other types of dental implants.

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Teeth Implants in multiple ways

It is one of the most versatile techniques for replacing missing teeth. Be careful that the number of implants used depends on the anatomy and overall size of the jaw.

This method places implants at equal intervals inside the jawbone to ensure the best restoration. 

If the patient is tired of moving prostheses and wants the teeth to feel more natural in his mouth, this option can be the best candidate for dental implants.

Teeth Implants with All four techniques

In this method, four implants, two near the canines and the other two near the back of the mouth are placed in the patient’s jaw to support a complete denture or a fixed bridge. 

Among the types of dental implants, this method works well for patients with a jaw arch or a small mouth.

Teeth Implants with All four and angled implants

When the patient’s oral and maxillofacial anatomy does not allow for ideal placement, longer posterior implants can be placed at acute angles to improve the distance between the implant connections. 

This makes the final prosthesis or restoration(s) more durable, as the forces caused by chewing will be distributed over the broadest possible range.

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Teeth Implants immediately

In this case, a temporary crown or prosthesis is connected to the fixture immediately after the tooth is implanted, provided that the implants achieve initial stability. 

This position is known once the surgery is in progress.

Because chewing forces are applied to the implants before the surgical site heals, they are likelier to break. 

In this case, the patient must adhere to a soft diet for months until the implants fully integrate with the bone. 

Many believe there are better dental implantation methods than an immediate implant; what do you think?

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Implant 00112255

The latest dental implant technology

The latest Teeth Implant technology is related to computer-designed dental implants. Let us explain further.

In the current state of dental technology, losing a small amount of jawbone is inevitable during the treatment process. 

However, thanks to the latest dental implant technology and computers, dentists can now do this without losing the jawbone(s) and give your mouth and teeth the gift of health and beauty.

 In this modern method, a computer imagines and creates a replica of the patient’s tooth. 

This is incredibly more effective than two-dimensional X-rays, which are used to create a cast to reconstruct a missing tooth. 

This method allows the prosthesis to be placed more accurately in the oral space without removing the bone tissue.

The latest dental implant technology also allows the specialist to plan the best course of treatment for the patient by seeing the 3D model of your jaw, reducing the cost and recovery time.

New teeth implant method

What is the best method of dental implant?

Choosing the best method depends on your doctor’s diagnosis. The issue of cost can also influence the choice of the appropriate method. 

If your jaw is found suitable in terms of strength and health, there is a high possibility that the doctor will choose the implant method for you.

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Tooth loss occurs for various reasons, including extensive decay, accidents, and sports injuries. In any case, as experts often recommend, teeth implants are the best way to replace them. 

Due to dental implants’ high success rate, removing and replacing the damaged tooth with an implant is a desirable treatment option in many situations.

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