Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery/Blepharoplasty

Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery- Blepharoplasty

According to statistics, in the last decade, cosmetic upper eyelid surgery has been one of the most popular skin cosmetic surgeries. Puffy eyes can happen to anyone, but when it becomes a chronic problem, puffy eyes and droopy eyelids can be more than just a complication. There are many reasons why a person can suffer from puffiness, drooping eyelids, and other cosmetic problems in the eye area.

Aging in the eye area can significantly affect the appearance of the face and often creates a constantly tired, dull, or even angry state for a person. In addition to being misleading, looking tired in the mirror can affect a person’s self-confidence. As a solution to this common problem, most experienced and skilled surgeons have started working in this field.

In the following, we intend to comprehensively evaluate Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery by Blepharoplasty so that you can get valuable and appropriate information and make your decision with an informed and free mind.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift is an eyelid cosmetic surgery that helps to treat drooping and sagging eyelids.

Many people genetically have puffy or droopy eyelids or double eyelids. On the contrary, there are people who, over time and entering middle age, are involved in the signs of aging on their faces.

Sagging skin is one of the most apparent signs of facial aging. This sagging appears in different parts of the skin in different ways.

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This surgery is one of the most common and popular facial surgeries and has gained many fans. This surgery can help lift the skin and give a person more beauty.

Types of eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty

There are two types of eyelid beauty surgery;

  • Blepharoplasty  for Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery 
  • Blepharoplasty  for cosmetic lower eyelid Surgery 


are divided.

In the following, we briefly introduce the types of eyelid lift or blepharoplasty:

  • Upper eyelid blepharoplasty surgery

  • Lower eyelid blepharoplasty surgery

These two can be done in combination or independently. It may also be combined with other procedures, such as a brow lift or facelift, as part of facial rejuvenation and beauty.

 Lower blepharoplasty is primarily used to remove puffiness and fat under the eyes.

 In contrast, upper blepharoplasty is performed to correct drooping of the upper eyelids and can even affect normal vision.

  • Upper eyelid blepharoplasty

This surgery is performed to remove sagging and correct the skin of the upper eyelid. In this surgery, removing part of the fat tissue is sometimes necessary.

In some cases, the severity of the sagging of the upper eyelid skin is so great that the person has a visual impairment. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty can eliminate this disorder, strengthen a person’s range of vision, and make him healthy and beautiful.

  • Lower eyelid blepharoplasty

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is performed to remove the fat bags that lead to puffiness under the eyes. If the lower eyelid skin sags after the removal of excess fat tissue, the excess skin can be removed during surgery.

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Who are suitable candidates for Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery by blepharoplasty?

Candidates for eyelid surgery are people who are healthy in appearance and have excess, hanging, and puffy skin in the eyelid area and fat tissue around the eyes. They are good candidates for double eyelid surgery or canthoplasty.

Although most patients are interested in blepharoplasty for Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery, some conditions cause drooping of the upper eyelid and disrupt normal vision; Ptosis repair can be used. In other cases, aging may lead to improper positioning of the lower eyelid, resulting in dry eyes. Patients should have realistic expectations of the results of the operation and be aware of the limitations of the surgery.

In general, the best candidates for eyelid surgery are:

  • People over 35 suffer from sagging eyelid skin or puffiness under the eyes.
  • People who do not have specific underlying diseases and have sufficient preparation for this surgery.
  • People who have yet to receive a good response from simple skin rejuvenation techniques.
  • In addition to the mentioned items, A person at a young age may be a suitable candidate for eyelid cosmetic surgery based on existing complications and the diagnosis and prescription of a plastic surgeon.
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The right age for Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery ( blepharoplasty )

There is no “right age” for eyelid surgery, as patients only need to be adults to be able to benefit from this procedure. If some patients have inherited puffiness under the eyes, they request Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery at 30. Patients request Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery in their 40s and older due to age-related changes.

Misconceptions about blepharoplasty surgery


If puffy eyelids are caused by fluid accumulation, they will not be treated by this type of Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery!

Blepharoplasty (Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery ) does not affect removing blackness and bruises around the eyes.

Eyelid surgery cannot cure drooping eyebrows; it is necessary to use eyebrow lift surgery to remove them.

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Blepharoplasty is not effective in removing wrinkles around the eyes or forehead. To eliminate these wastes, getting help from botox injection, nano fat injection, etc., is necessary to ensure their beauty and health.

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Blepharoplasty surgery method

Generally, general anesthesia is not necessary for blepharoplasty, although the anesthesia used depends on the patient’s comfort level and the type of surgical procedure.

If only blepharoplasty is being performed, local anesthesia with sedation for lower eyelid surgery can be an excellent option. However, general anesthesia is used if combined with other procedures (or if the patient prefers). Eyelid surgery takes about 1-2 hours on average.

  • Lower blepharoplasty is performed through small incisions hidden under the eyelashes of the lower eyelid in the moist lining of the inner eyelid. The main goal of this procedure is to remove or relocate excess fat to smooth the under-eye area and achieve a younger and fresher appearance.
  • Upper blepharoplasty usually involves conservative removal of the upper eyelid skin and fat and is performed through small incisions in the upper eyelid.


Scarring is minimal for both procedures because the incisions are small and hidden in the eyelids and eyelashes. Significant complications in blepharoplasty surgery are rare, and this procedure is considered very safe. Experienced surgeons often remove specific skin and fat for a natural appearance and beautiful results.

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Complications of blepharoplasty

Some mild and temporary side effects may occur after this type of Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery.

 Among the side effects of eyelid cosmetic surgery are things like:

  • Eyelid asymmetry after surgery
  • Swelling and inflammation of the eyelids and around the eyes
  • instead of leaving a scar (remaining the scars of surgery)
  • Remaining stitches
  • Heavy bleeding and vision loss
  • Long-term and temporary double vision or blurred vision.

The expertise and skill of the doctor are necessary to experience a successful surgery and enjoy the ideal results. Also, all the mentioned items will decrease and disappear gradually with time. Care after this cosmetic procedure can have a significant effect in reducing the time of early and temporary complications.

Eyelid surgery recovery period

The recovery period of blepharoplasty surgery differs depending on the surgical procedure, the patient’s condition, and the results.

During the recovery period after this type of Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery or eyelid rejuvenation, you should pay special attention to following health and care tips to avoid adverse side effects such as infection.

Care after blepharoplasty surgery

Observing some things can help speed up the healing process and reduce the recovery time. Some of these essential and practical items are:

  1. A cold compress (48 hours after surgery) reduces the swelling and inflammation of the operated eyelids in the upper palpebral fossa or lower palpebral fissure.
  2. Use of creams prescribed by a specialist doctor: use these creams at the site of surgery and skin incisions. Rubbing the cream on the eyelids may cause blurred vision or a series of minor visual disturbances, which is normal and will disappear over time.
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Preventing pressure or impact on the eyelids or lid margin

When resting, place your head higher than the trunk: with this action, the blood flow to the head and neck is reduced, and as a result, the intensity of inflammation and swelling is reduced.

  • Use of artificial tears:  it is necessary to use artificial tears to create moisture in the eye cavity to prevent the eyes from drying out.
  • Not using any creams and cosmetics after surgery: Do not use any cosmetics around or at the surgery site. This action increases the possibility of infection of the surgical site.
  • Regular and timely use of antibiotic drugs: The use of antibiotics prescribed by a specialist doctor reduces the possibility of adverse side effects such as infection after surgery.
  • Do not use medical or cosmetic lenses.
  • Wear sunglasses to prevent sunlight from hitting the surgical site.


With the weakness of the facial muscles and the loss of flexibility of the skin, the eyelid fat begins to sag, and this fat begins to put pressure on the thin skin of the lower eyelids. The purpose of blepharoplasty surgery is to change the location of facial fat and remove excess eyelid skin.

Moreover, as a result, this type of Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery leads to the treatment of drooping and puffy eyelids and more health and beauty. This long-lasting surgery helps the patient to remove the signs of aging in his face and restore youth and freshness to it.

Most of the applicants for blepharoplasty are satisfied with their face after Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery and consider this procedure to compensate for their youth and increase their attractiveness and beauty.

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