White and shine teeth like Hollywood actors

White and shiny teeth like Hollywood actors

White and shiny teeth like Hollywood actors, can always attract the attention of many of us. Many people think to themselves; how come I have white teeth? What methods can I use to whiten my teeth regularly?

You have seen in Hollywood movies and series that some actresses have white and shine teeth that when they smile, their clean and beautiful teeth help them to be attractive. However, what is the secret of this beautiful smile?

The secret of white and shiny teeth of Hollywood actors

All the actors’ teeth have been restored.

The Hollywood smile has become a popular and universal term; while this phenomenon has different dimensions, its methods vary depending on people. The smile line is an imaginary line created from the corners of the lips when laughing and should be parallel to the upper teeth. 

All Hollywood actresses have restored teeth, but 90% are cosmetic veneers, which I would not recommend for anyone. This is treatable if someone has neat teeth but would like their teeth to be bigger or smaller or have a beautiful smile line.

White and shiny teeth like Hollywood actors

There are several methods for white and shiny teeth, including ceramic laminates, aesthetic composites, and aesthetic veneers. Of course, most of the coatings used outside of Iran are ceramic laminates, and methods such as composite are used less in European and American countries. 

It should also be noted that many chemicals such as tooth varnish, whitening pens, and other items have entered the market and pharmacies, these items make the teeth look white and neat for a few hours, but their effect will disappear with the first toothbrush.

Different methods to arrange teeth

If a person has smooth and healthy teeth and is satisfied with their shape, he can start with various types of bleaching and have a bright and beautiful smile. However, this only happens if you have teeth of a standard form. It goes without saying that without healthy and tidy teeth, they will not have white and shiny teeth.

Finally, suppose the teeth could be neater, or their size needs to be changed. The above methods, including laminate, composite, or veneer, can be used according to the individual’s conditions.

Composites have fewer and more conservative cuts, and the tooth is not cut too much with their use. If we want to use whiter colors, some sharpening on the teeth is required, but these sharpenings do not damage the teeth and cause sensitivity.

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 The composite is placed on the tooth as a cover, and the dentist shapes it and changes it. The dentist performs the composite in 1 to 2 sessions.

White and shiny teeth like Hollywood actors

The following method is the use of ceramic laminates. Laminates are made in a lab and are therefore more expensive than composites. In addition, tooth molding to use laminates requires a cut on the tooth and depending on the type of laminate, the depth of these cuts increases or decreases. Laminates are used for people whose teeth need to change color a lot or have deformities that require treatments such as orthodontics and cannot be treated with cosmetic composites and will give you white and shiny teeth.

Those whose teeth have undergone denervation and root canal treatment and need a lot of color change have severe jaw abnormalities, and the base of their teeth is not suitable for working with cosmetic or composite laminates; they enter the third phase of treatment, which is the use of veneers. They become beautiful. In this treatment, the entire tooth is cut, and a beautiful veneer is placed on it.

The best treatment is using composite, which will cause less damage to the teeth due to the type of sharpening on the teeth.

How many treatment sessions are there?

Composite treatment, which includes a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 teeth, as I mentioned, takes 1 to 2 sessions. The dentist performs all treatment steps in the office, but the length is in other treatments that include laminate and cosmetic veneers. The duration of treatment depends on the time spent in the laboratory to make them.

White and shiny teeth like Hollywood actors

Do these treatments require special care?

Yes. These treatments require a lot of care and follow-up. Oral and dental hygiene should be observed several times before. It is necessary to use dental floss and increase the frequency of using a toothbrush from once a night to after every meal.


In the case of beautiful composites that are made by hand, food care is also needed.

The contact of hard food with the teeth causes these composites to fill up and damage them. In addition, there is a possibility of changing the color of the composites due to tobacco products or drinking a lot of coffee and tea. However, ceramic laminates are not likely to take color, and only the contact area of the teeth with the laminate may be discolored, which can be removed by scaling.

Are these treatments permanent?

So far, I have never had a client who wanted to remove their dental composite because the person is used to the current shape of their teeth and wants to keep it the same. However, you should know that composites are usually removable because the tooth under the composite cover does not wear much.


However, this issue needs to be revised for ceramic laminates and veneers; laminates and veneers must be on the teeth for life, and if they are damaged, they will need to be remolded and replaced.

White and shiny teeth like Hollywood actors

Is there an age limit for using these treatments?

There is no age restriction. Nevertheless, it does not mean that a fifteen-year-old girl should laminate her teeth because, at this age, it is possible to create beauty using orthodontics. This option is the best and most permanent way to treat jaw and teeth abnormalities at this age.

 These treatments are recommended for someone who is not ready for this treatment in terms of age or is not able to use this treatment due to the length of the treatment and the difficulties of orthodontics.


What is the age limit for orthodontics?

Today’s science does not limit the age of orthodontics. This treatment can be done until the age of 40 or 50, but the difference is in the duration of the treatment and its reversibility. For older people, the length of the treatment period is longer, and the probability of its recurrence is also high.


What is the treatment cost for each of these treatments?

Therapeutic composites are less expensive than other treatments, but laminates and veneers will cost more due to the time and materials spent in the laboratory to make them. Generally, the cost per dental unit depends on the approved dental tariffs.

Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz
Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz
Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz
Oily skin care routine in winter - by dr.sanaz
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