How To Prevent Greasy Hair After Washing

How To Prevent Greasy Hair After Washing

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An oily scalp is sometimes a good thing! Enough of this fat makes the scalp healthy, and your hair maintains its beauty. However, what makes people uncomfortable is greasy hair and excessive fat on the scalp, which can cause an unpleasant feeling of itching on the head.

In addition, in many cases, this extra fat can cause flaking of the scalp and even hair loss. It is in these cases that you should look for scalp oil treatment. However, what can be done to prevent and treat greasy hair? Stay with us until the end so we can introduce you to the methods of solving this problem.

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What causes greasy hair after washing?

Before we go to the solutions to treat scalp fat, We need to know the leading cause of the greasy hair problem. Many factors can cause greasy hair; their origin can be environmental, genetic, or internal.

Our scalp constantly produces oil to maintain its health and not lose moisture. The intensity of this work done by the sebaceous glands; may change for various reasons, the most important of which are the following:

  • Genetics

Some people genetically have an oily scalp; In other words, their genes can affect the sebaceous glands’ function and the amount of fat production.

How To Prevent Greasy Hair After Washing 02
  • skin diseases

Different skin diseases can increase fat production in this area by changing the function of the immune system and sebaceous glands. For example, Seborrhoeic Dermatitis can cause the production of large amounts of oil by stimulating the scalp and sebaceous glands, which will result in various symptoms such as dandruff and flaking.

  • acne head

In many cases, skin cells and fatty substances may get stuck inside the pores; This makes the ground for the growth of bacteria in these pores to be provided. This will cause much accumulation of fats and cause scalp acne.

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  • age increasing

One of the main factors that increase the amount of fat secretion by different glands, Aging, is prevalent in men. Because in men whose age is more than 50 years, A hormone called DHT is secreted. This hormone can shrink hair follicles and cause oily skin on the scalp and greasy hair.

The critical point is that the secretion of fats in the scalp increases after puberty because reaching this age increases the size of the sebaceous glands of the scalp and increases the amount of sebum secretion.

  • Use a dirty brush and comb.

One of the things that cause pollution, dust, and residual particles from care and cosmetic products to be transferred directly to the hair; Using a brush and comb that has not been cleaned well. This will cause your hair to get dirty very quickly, and the amount of fat in the skin will increase and lead to greasy hair.

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Is there an ideal frequency for washing my hair to prevent greasy hair?

Excessive washing of hair causes the scalp to be irritated and its fat to disappear. For this reason, naturally, the skin will have to produce more sebum, leading to oily scalp and greasy hair. In addition, you should ensure that if you use all kinds of shampoos and conditioners, rinse your hair thoroughly so that no amount of these substances remain in the hair because they can upset the balance of scalp fat and cause greasy hair.

How to prevent an oily scalp?

You can use solutions to reduce and prevent scalp fat and this problem from occurring. Here are some of these solutions and recommendations for you:

hair washing
  • Washing hair enough

To prevent the scalp and hair from becoming greasy, you must control the number of times you wash them because washing your hair too much will cause the loss of scalp fat and stimulate the fat-producing glands in it. On the other hand, washing your hair less often will cause the accumulation of dirt on the skin and clog its pores. Both of these topics can significantly lead to oily scalp and greasy hair. You should consult a professional doctor to determine the best hair-washing process.

  • Washing hair properly

In addition to controlling the number of washing times, You have to do it correctly. Because not washing the scalp and hair properly will eventually lead to greasy hair. You should apply a small amount of shampoo to the hair roots and scalp. It would help if you allowed the shampoo to reach the ends of the hair by itself and avoid rubbing it too much. Remember that creating much foam can mean something other than washing the hair and scalp properly.

Also, remember that you should never use nails when washing your scalp; this will irritate the skin and cause scratches. As a result, sebaceous glands produce more fat to treat these scratches and prevent inflammation, which leads to greasy hair. In addition, according to the researchers’ recommendation, washing hair with shampoo is not needed more than once per shower.

Washing hair properly
  • Avoid using too much softener!

It would help if you were careful when using the softener; Because the ingredients in conditioners can make your skin oily. To use conditioner, make sure that this substance should not touch your scalp to prevent greasy hair; As a result, apply it only to the ends of your hair and avoid massaging it with conditioner too much.

  • Limit the use of a hair dryer and iron after washing!

After washing, continuous use of a hair dryer and hair iron can irritate the scalp’s oil glands. Because the rapid drying of the hair can lead to the dryness of the scalp and, as a result, the loss of its natural texture.

  • Touch your hair less!

Blowing your hair or touching it too much can cause it to produce more oil. In addition, if you damage the scalp by scratching your head or things like that, You have prepared the ground for producing more fat and greasy hair. Therefore, you should be as gentle as possible with your hair and prevent scalp damage.

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  • Wash your hair after exercising or sweating a lot!

Excessive sweating makes hair greasy. For this reason, washing your hair after sports or intense physical activities is recommended. You should also shower and wash your hair after wearing a hat, scarf, and headband.

  • Avoid tying your hair as much as possible!

Tying the hair, especially in a ponytail, which causes them to stretch, can make the scalp produce more fat and greasy hair. This is why leaving your hair open as much as possible is recommended.

Greasy hair treatment is essential to prevent hair loss and dandruff. You can use home remedies or prevent this problem by taking measures. The critical point here is that you must first understand the cause of this problem; in some cases, these are skin diseases that can cause greasy hair. As a result, other home remedies do not work, and you should see a doctor for treatment.

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What products can I use to prevent greasy hair?

While some hair care products can do wonders for your greasy hair, others worsen the problem. That is why we recommend avoiding oils or silicones that may weigh your hair down and make it look greasier when choosing the right products. Choose your hair care products wisely; look for volumizing products that will help lift your hair and prevent it from coming into contact with your greasy roots.

Here are some of the main ingredients used in shampoos to treat oily scalp:

  • Water (as the base of the shampoo formula)
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Selenium sulfide
  • Sulfacetamide sodium
  • Ketoconazole

Remember that when buying shampoo, you should go for sulfate-free shampoos.

sulfate-free shampoos

Can I use dry shampoo as a prevention method for greasy hair?

Reduce the use of dry shampoo.

All those looking for the treatment of greasy hair are in favor of using dry shampoo to wash their hair. You should know that using too much dry shampoo can cause unwanted product build-up, just like any product that sits on your hair. This can dehydrate your scalp and cause it to produce more oil and cause oily hair.

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  Greasy hair can make people not feel good about their appearance. It can also cause itching and discomfort in the scalp. Fortunately, there are many ways to take care of greasy hair and prevent greasy hair from occurring, such as washing your hair less, using the right conditioner, and not playing with your hair. There are also many simple and natural remedies to help take care of oily hair. Remember that the amount of oil your hair produces can change over time. Some people may find that their hair naturally becomes less oily as they age.

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