Tooth And Ear Pain On The Same Side

Tooth And Ear Pain On The Same Side

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Maybe you have experienced Tooth And Ear Pain On The Same Side at times. So the question will arise: can toothache be the cause of earache?

 The answer to this question is positive;

However, not all jaw and facial pain is related to teeth and may have other causes.

 The relationship between tooth and ear pain is very close because the ear has common nerves with the larynx. , pharynx, and jaw. for this reason, it is not easy to diagnose ear and jaw pain, and it is necessary to treat tooth and ear pain as soon as possible and take action to treat it because, over time, more acute problems appear that require treatment.

It also becomes more complex, and dental problems in children can cause earaches.

Causes of simultaneous tooth and ear pain

The relationship between toothache and earache has different causes, which are:

  • Wisdom teeth

Sometimes the cause of your earache can be wisdom teeth, because in many people, wisdom teeth do not fully erupt from the gum line, and problems such as infection and pain bring.

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  •  Inflammation of the jaw bone: 

Inflammation of the jaw bone can cause ear pain in some cases; in these cases, the bony prominence behind the ear experiences pain and throbbing.

  • Temporomandibular joint disorder: 

This disorder is called a condition in which the jaw works abnormally; for example, it makes a clicking sound or is locked. Due to the proximity of the ear to the jaw joints, it is difficult to identify where this pain originates from. So, you feel tooth and ear pain.

Moreover, if the pain increases, you should see a doctor.

  • Severe abscess on the tip of the tooth:

 When you have an abscess on the tip of the tooth, this pain twists in the root of the nerve that is connected to the brain, and when the tooth is located in the back of the jaw, the nerves are very close to the ear, and the pain inside the ear is also turns

Dental problems may cause ear pain and ring in the ears.

The reason is the opening and closing of the jaw bone and teeth, inside, middle, and outer ears.

TMJ disorder is an example of these jawbone problems, often considered earaches.


temporomandibular joint and tooth pain + ear pain
  • Dental problems that lead to earache!

The ear and throat are connected, while the nerve that controls the deep inner ear muscle can also control the jaw muscles.

It means that this pain in one area may cause problems and lead to tooth and ear pain.

The radiology dentist suggests examining the mouth and face and describing the symptoms when diagnosing pain.

These dental problems are common causes of earache.

    • TMJ disorder:

About 10 million Americans suffer from TMJ disorder. This problem occurs when the TMJ joint is not aligned correctly.

As a result, the patient often has jaw pain, facial pain, wormy teeth, jaw chattering, ringing in the ear, and tooth and ear pain.

The dentist examines the jaw and related signs and diagnoses the cause of the pain.

If there is a TMJ disorder, a custom occlusal guard should be placed to move the jaw.

    • Poor byte alignment:

Even the lack of alignment in the jaw causes pain and pressure on the outer ear.


A specialist can treat a weak bite balance with cosmetic or restorative methods.

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    • Bruxism:

Bruxism is another cause of tooth decay. Grinding teeth causes ear pain and ringing in the ears.

Because the TMJ joint is adjacent to the middle and inner ear, any problem that develops in the jawbone can affect the ear.

    • Toothache:

Many patients complain of earache, which is due to a dental problem, which means that they experience tooth and ear pain at the same time.

Phantom ringing in the ears affects 1 in 5 people.

This problem causes gum infection or inflammation in the mouth.

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Referral pains in the head and face are widespread. Diagnosing these pains is a complex and essential task. According to research, 50% of people who go to the doctor with ear pain are the primary source of their pain. Because the ear, pharynx, larynx, and jaw share a sensory nerve.

Ear problems can be diagnosed with a regular examination in the office, but it is interesting to know that the jaw and teeth mainly cause 50% of people who come in with ear pain.

 Usually, an ear infection is divided into two categories: external and middle ear infection. 

The cause of external ear infection is the manipulation of the ear, swimming in polluted water, but the cause of middle ear infection is more related to the throat, and those who catch a cold get the infection from the throat to their ears, which is natural. Treating it treats the ear.

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ear infection 998877

In order to determine the source of toothache and ear pain, it should be noted that toothache and jaw pain are among the most common oral and dental ailments.

 There may be severe pain during pressure or stimulation with cold and heat, and the toothache may continue for fifteen seconds after removing the stimulus.

 Simultaneously with the increase of inflammation in the pulp, the pain becomes more intense, and the pain may also be reflected in the cheek, ear, and jaw. 

Other symptoms that you should pay attention to and follow the necessary treatment include:

  1. Pain when chewing food
  2. Sensitivity to cold and heat
  3. Bleeding teeth and gums
  4. Swollen teeth and jaw
  5. Hit or irritation in the area


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Interrelationship of pain in the face and jaw with tooth and ear pain

Sometimes, ear infections are directly connected to our mouth and teeth. Here are some ear infections that are related to oral health.

Gum disease and oral infections can also affect other parts of the body. Sometimes, if there is gum disease, the bacteria in the gum can reach the ear and cause an ear infection. 

The unusual position of the teeth in the mouth or abnormalities of the teeth may cause pain in the ear. This pain may even be mistaken for an ear infection.

Also, there is a possibility that abnormalities of the temporomandibular joint may be confused with ear infections And vice versa. 

Even in some cases, the ear pain caused by an infection may be accompanied by a toothache.

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gum disease ear and tooth pain

Since there is a nerve line between the teeth and the ears, pain from an ear infection may radiate to the teeth and gums. Some patients may also think that tooth decay is causing their pain when they have an ear infection.

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For many people, tooth and ear pain may have similar symptoms, and it is difficult to tell them apart. While a toothache can be caused by an infection, cavity, gum disease, or trauma to a tooth, an earache is often caused by fluid in the eardrum, ear infection, injury, or colds and flu.

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