stages of cold in babies / concerns after pandemy

Stages Of Cold In Babies/ Post-Pandemy Concerns

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Unfortunately, babies also get colds and are not safe from viral infections. The term “baby” refers to the age group from birth to around one month old. Colds in babies are not uncommon; most of the time, there is nothing to worry about.

 However, you should monitor the signs and symptoms carefully, and if you see the symptoms of a cold in babies, start the treatment process with the help of a pediatrician.

Remember that the immune system of musicians still needs to be robust and may need more resistance against different types of cold viruses.

 In this article from Drhealthandbeauty, you will read from the symptoms to the types of treatment and diagnosis methods of newborn colds.

How does a cold happen in babies?

The level of immunity of babies against diseases is low, and it takes some time to reach maturity and complete. 

That is why they are weak against some viruses, and it is not unlikely that they will catch a cold.

More than 200 types of viruses can cause a cold in babies. Fortunately, many types of colds help babies develop and strengthen their immune systems. 

This defense system’s fight against viruses makes them stronger than before.

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It is possible to catch a cold in any season of the year; It is even possible that the number of times a child catches a cold can reach 8 to 10 times during the year. 

If you have another child at home, the probability of cold in babies increases.

A cold in babies is not a big problem, but if it is not adequately treated and followed up, the occurrence of problems such as pneumonia or whooping cough (some call it croup) is not out of mind.

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What are the symptoms of a cold in babies?

A runny nose is one of the first signs of a baby’s cold. At the beginning of a cold, nasal discharge is primarily watery and colorless and is the cause of nasal congestion, but gradually, it becomes thicker, and its color changes to yellow-green.

 Other signs include the following:

  • Fever
  • restlessness
  • sneeze
  • Anorexia
  • Cough, Especially at night
  • Difficulty breastfeeding because of Cape’s nose
  • Bad mood and lethargy of the baby
  • Inflammation of the eyes
  • Difficulty sleeping baby

Knowing the symptoms of a cold in babies and Respiratory illness or Respiratory infection under one-year-old and babies are significant. 

Knowing these symptoms allows you to enter the treatment process faster and help improve the baby’s condition.

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How do I know if my baby has a cold or something more serious?

The symptoms of a cold are similar to some other diseases, such as whooping cough or pneumonia in babies, and if you see these symptoms, you should contact a pediatrician.

The doctor diagnoses the disease by examining these symptoms and saves the parents from worry. 

The parents or the nurse follow the doctor’s recommendations and restore peace to the baby.

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Can a cold in babies lead to pneumonia?

While many of the symptoms mentioned above are typical and shared in various disorders, babies infected with viruses such as influenza, chicken pox, or pneumonia often have other symptoms.

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Stages Of Cold In Babies

In most cases, babies with the flu are sicker than babies with a cold.


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  • Laryngotracheobronchitis

    At first, the show has symptoms like a cold, but the condition quickly worsens, and the symptoms become very severe. 

The child may have a severe dry cough. 

A child with croup may have difficulty breathing, and because this disease causes larynx swelling, the child may become hoarse and restless.

Stages Of Cold In Babies/ Post-Pandemy Concerns / AIR WAY
  • Chronic cough or whooping cough

Chronic and severe cough, known as whooping cough, begins as a cold, but its symptoms intensify and change after a week.

These coughs are such that the child takes deep breaths immediately after coughing, and these breaths have a frightening sound.

A child with whooping cough often vomits after coughing or, more seriously, has trouble breathing. Whooping cough is a severe illness and requires immediate medical attention.

  • Pneumonia (lateral chest)

    Babies are more prone to pneumonia than adults.

In most cases, pneumonia manifests as a common cold in babies or a severe cough, but bacterial infections begin without the symptoms of a cold in the early stages.

The development of symptoms and the severity of the disease can happen quickly, which is why it is essential to see a pediatrician for a proper diagnosis.

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Symptoms of pneumonia include:

  • Vomit
  • Excessive sweating of the baby
  • High fever
  • Inflammation and redness of the skin
  • Severe cough
  • Abdominal sensitivities


Also, babies with pneumonia may have breathing problems.

These breathing problems may be in the form of rapid and consecutive breaths or difficulty breathing. 

Sometimes, the baby’s fingers and lips are bruised, a sign of a lack of oxygen and the need for medical emergencies.

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pneumonia - Stages Of Cold In Babies/ Post-Pandemy Concerns

reference: “http://www.babyhealthcare.us/”

How can I help my baby breathe better when they have a cold?

The first way that comes to parents’ minds is the home treatment of a baby’s cold.

 In the process of treating a cold in babies at home, pay attention to the following points:

  • Do not let the baby sleep on his stomach.
  • Remember to give the child plenty of fluids. Give him plenty of formula or breast milk. Giving a little water to a baby six months and older is allowed to treat a cold.
  • Wash a few drops of salt serum in the baby’s nose. Then, take help from the nasal spray to clear the mucus. A nasal spray is a suitable device for draining the nose of musicians.
  • Do not leave the house as much as possible, and let the baby rest.

How long does a cold usually last in babies?

A cold in babies can last from 10 to 14 days. This period also includes the latent days of the disease, the time when the child was infected with the disease but did not show its symptoms yet. 

If you are using cold baby drops, ask your doctor’s opinion about this.

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When is it safe to give a baby cough and cold medicine?

Doctors do not allow many over-the-counter cold medicines for cold in babies under two years of age and believe these medicines may cause serious side effects.

Some medicines can be obtained without a prescription. You can also find these drugs, among which are drugs that control cold symptoms. 

These non-prescription drugs are called OTC and can be obtained from authorized pharmacies and stores.

 Among these drugs that are suitable for colds in babies, the following is the most famous:

  1. Anti-cough medicines

    If the cough keeps the child awake or disturbs his life, you should use cough syrup; among these medicines are diphenhydramine and dextromethorphan. Of course, in some cases, codeine can help a patient who has a cough.

  2. Anti-congestion drugs

    Drugs used for nasal congestion are usually not very effective; on the other hand, they create dependence. Among these drugs are decongestants. Antihistamine is also one of the most popular anti-congestion drugs.

  3. Antipyretics and painkillers

    Painkillers such as acetaminophen, which have been used since the past, are the most important types of these antipyretics. If the child’s body temperature remains high for a relatively long time, using acetaminophen and similar painkillers and antipyretics can be very useful for cold in babies.


Do not fear colds in babies; This is not strange or rare. Pathogenic viruses are around us and increase the possibility of getting sick. 

Other children at home hugging the baby by different people or even going out and going to the store near the house can also cause a cold.

Breastfed babies have more robust immune systems than formula-fed babies.

However, it is not unlikely that even first-class children will catch a cold. A cold in babies is not a severe problem, but if it is not treated well, more serious problems are possible.

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