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Having greasy hair is one of the common problems among people. To solve this problem, a basic solution and hair care routine should be taken. Washing too much is not an excellent way to eliminate hair oil. Taking care of greasy hair has principles and rules. First, find the reason for their excessive oiliness to care for greasy hair. Etiology will help a lot in how to care for oily hair. 

Suppose the main root of your hair’s excess oil is hormonal disorders; in that case, using all kinds of hair care products will not help you. Usually, those whose hair is oily due to hormonal disorders suffer from vitamin B2 deficiency. Therefore, having a diet rich in vitamins also helps to maintain the balance of fat in the hair.

vitamin rich diet

The main causes of greasy hair include the following:

  • Inheritance
  • Excessive secretion of sebaceous glands
  • Stress
  • Involuntary manipulation of hair
  • Washing hair too much
  • Use of inappropriate shampoos
  • Use softener
  • Excessive hair brushing
  • Overeating fatty and fried foods
  • Hair sitting for more than four days

Now that you understand the leading causes of greasy hair, it is time to follow a proper hair care routine.

Knowing the particular routine suitable for your hair type is necessary to care for greasy hair.

hai care routine 111

Taking care of greasy hair is possible by following a simple routine in everyday life. The greasy hair care routine includes seven steps. To learn about these steps, pay attention to the following:

Hair care routine for greasy hair

  1. Using a special shampoo

To maintain greasy hair, you need to know the shampoo for your hair. To control the amount of oil in your hair, go for a shampoo that has the following characteristics:

Reduce the amount of sebaceous gland secretions in the scalp.

Suitable for daily and periodic use

Increase blood circulation around the hair follicles

To strengthen hair growth.

Eliminate the inflammation of the head caused by washing too much.

It contains beneficial plant extracts to reduce fat in the hair roots.

Choosing a shampoo for oily hair is the basic greasy hair care routine.

Choosing a suitable shampoo for your greasy hair type is another important factor in your greasy hair care routine. Some shampoos use compounds in their structure that lead to the control of sebum production. 

However, some people have so much sebum secretion in the sebaceous glands of their scalp that they have to wash their hair daily. If you are one of these people, using daily shampoos with mild surfactants to avoid damage is better. Do not overwash the hair shaft.

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The Healthline website also mentions the importance of using silicone-free products:

Many products, including shampoos, conditioners, creams, and styling products, are formulated with silicones to help smooth hair and increase shine. In addition to adding extra shine that looks like grease, silicones can build up on hair and make it look dirty, greasy, and heavy. The most common silicones you will find in hair products are:

  • Dimethicone
  • Cyclomethicone
  • Amodimethicone

Silicones can also prevent beneficial moisture from entering the hair shaft. Do your roots a favor and skip any products whose ingredients end in “cone.”

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  1. Correct hair cleaning

Bathing 2 to 3 times a week is enough for people with greasy hair to remove the grease from their hair. Because the special shampoo for greasy hair also helps to remove the dirtiness and oiliness of their hair. According to the volume and size of your hair, apply some shampoo and avoid grabbing and touching your scalp to wash your hair. Because this work stimulates the oil glands in the head. 

Do not rinse your hair immediately after shampooing, but let it stay on your hair for three minutes. Then rinse gently. Note that washing your hair more than once in the bathroom will significantly damage them. So do not overwash your hair. The last point in cleaning the hair properly is to use lukewarm or cool water to wash them.

 Hot water produces much oil on the scalp. So pay attention to the water temperature when rinsing your hair.

  1. Correct use of softener

For a greasy hair care routine, apply the conditioner to the ends and stems of your hair. Avoid applying conditioner on the scalp and roots of your hair separately because these products contain silicone and cause greasy and soft hair. For example, when going to a party, apply conditioner to the ends of your hair and wash with plenty of water.

hair softener
  1. Hair drying

Admit it or not, over-drying can cause your hair to produce too much oil, so let your hair air dry. Air drying can be time-consuming, but there are many ways to speed up the process. Touching your hair too much before drying can cause frizz, especially if your hair texture is curly, so try to let it dry after using the product on your hair.

After leaving the bathroom, use a soft, clean towel to remove excess water from your hair. Then let it dry by itself in the open air; however, if you cannot do this. You can spray hair protection products on your hair first, then use a hair dryer. 

Make sure that the heating degree of the hair dryer is low because a lot of heat contact with your hair causes an increase in fat and damage to them.

To care for oily hair, learn how to comb your hair properly.

Harms of hair drying
  1. Combing the hair correctly

Another way to care for oily hair is to pay attention to how and how much you comb oily hair. Do not comb your hair excessively. Your hair may look nice and smooth initially, but your hair oil will increase again after several hours. 

This is because when you hit the teeth of the comb on the bottom of your scalp, you stimulate the sebum secretions in your scalp. Therefore, the best way is to comb the stems and ends of your hair regularly. Combing your hair once is enough. To prevent greasy hair, wash the comb with water daily so that no dirt and grease is left in its teeth.

  1. Use of oily skin care products

There are many products to care for greasy hair in the market. Using serums and hair masks for greasy hair is another part of the greasy hair care routine. To make these products more effective on your hair, go for those that contain beneficial plant extracts such as nettle, mint, green tea, rosemary, etc.

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  1. Having a proper diet

In the routine of caring for oily hair, we must also consider the correct functioning of the body. It means to help our body successfully regulate the fat secretions of the scalp and even the face. 

For this, eating foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamins of group B, will be very effective. On the other hand, removing fried foods and fats from our diet will help make our hair more beautiful.

Supplements are the best way to achieve precise and shiny hair. It should also be noted that the World Food and Drug Organization does not approve supplements. However, some people have gotten good results from taking supplements, and if you want to try this, go for the right supplements for oily hair. These supplements are rich in omega three and vitamin B.

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8- Oil therapy for greasy hair

Oil therapy is one of the musts of a hair care routine; However, for greasy hair, you should pay attention to one point, and that is that you should not use oil on your scalp; instead, use oil on your hair shafts; which are prone to dryness and brittleness due to excessive washing. Moisturize your hair correctly.

Oil therapy

9- Stop playing with your hair

Above, we mentioned the role of stimulating the sebaceous glands in the excessive secretion of fat and greasy hair, so now you should know that one of the stimulating factors, in this case, is putting your hands in the hair a lot; Therefore, if you have a habit of touching and playing with your hair, you contribute to the secretion of excess sebum, so quit this harmful habit as soon as possible.

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10- Hair serum and hair mask

Most who use hair serums and hair masks have dry or curly hair, but today health companies have also produced hair serums and masks for greasy hair, which will help you take care of oily hair according to your hair. So, when buying hair care products, be sure to buy products suitable for your hair.

Hair serum and hair mask


Some hair types are more prone to oil accumulation than others. However, there are many greasy hair care routines that you can use to reduce the oiliness of your hair.

Chances are, even if you have tried everything, there is a trick or two you need to learn about. So do not worry.

Remember, oil and grease are part of your body’s way of protecting your scalp; there is nothing dirty or wrong about a little oil build-up in your hair.

If you are concerned about how greasy your hair is or if your scalp is often irritated, talk to a dermatologist about products or solutions for a greasy hair care routine.

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